Fat, short-lived, dying! How many shots have you been shot in the top 10 self mutilation behaviors of office workers?

From a student to an office worker, rong’er really wanted to sing a serenade of the half moon. Fat fat! The weight maintained for several years easily crossed the line within a few months. Eating, as before, is more vegetarian and less meat, and the amount of meals has not increased, but it still can’t stop the pace of obesity, which is obviously caused by “sitting for a long time + less exercise”.

sedentary is the number one enemy of human health. More and more evidence shows that it is associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and premature death.

In fact, it’s not just sitting still. Many office workers have developed unhealthy habits.

refined work Makeup: increased toxins

Some women would rather sacrifice their sleep time than go to work after smearing in front of the mirror and putting on good make-up. But do you know that if you use cosmetics every day, your body will absorb two kilograms of harmful chemicals in a year. Absorbed from the skin and blood, it is more dangerous than direct consumption.

Not to mention that the body absorbs toxins, it will also cause oral allergy and infectious diseases. Metallic Eye shadow is the most harmful. Australian medical experts have found that 42% of women suffering from conjunctivitis, dry eye and other common eye diseases are caused by this powdery chemical repeatedly stimulating the mucosa.

often skipping breakfast: shortening life span

After a long-term follow-up of 7000 male and female subjects, researchers from Erlangen University in Germany found that 40% of them were accustomed to skipping breakfast, and their life expectancy was shortened by 2.5 years on average compared with the other 60%. Another university found in a study of 80-90-year-old people that one of the common points of their longevity is to eat a rich breakfast every day.

In fact, skipping breakfast has many dangers, such as fainting due to low blood sugar, or brain consciousness activity obstacle due to insufficient energy, which makes you depressed and slow in reaction. Reduced work efficiency is extremely unfavorable to office workers, because they may make mistakes, and if they happen to be caught by their superiors, they will be criticized.

work while eating: the busier you get, the fatter you become

Many office workers do things while eating when they are busy. Or eating and playing with mobile phones. The consequence of this kind of dual-purpose is to eat too much unconsciously. Because you can’t find out whether you are full in time, you will habitually put food in your mouth. Over time, the body tends to get fat.

In addition, using the computer while eating will also invisibly delay the eating time, and a large number of external stimuli will reduce the sensitivity of the body to food, leading to anorexia. If you become more aggressive and chat with your friends while eating, you should be more careful! Because extra oral activities will reduce the chewing fineness of food, and even cause sudden choking.

go to sleep after lunch: Food reflux

Different from the above, many office workers will finish lunch quickly in order to spare more time for lunch break. Then we immediately went to the afternoon nap, which also affected our health. Sleeping just after eating can easily cause food reflux, causing gastric juice to stimulate the esophagus, causing discomfort in light cases and reflux esophagitis in heavy cases.

Moreover, just after lunch, the stomach is full of food, and the digestive function is in motion. For example, taking a nap at this time will affect the digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, which is not conducive to the absorption of food. This will cause stomach disease for a long time, and also affect the quality of the nap.

extremely fond of coffee: reduced pregnancy rate

Some people will drink coffee to get rid of sleepiness during overtime work or just during normal work. But drinking too much coffee is actually bad for your health. Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark has conducted a follow-up study on 3959 IVF recipients. The researchers collected the coffee consumption information of the participants and analyzed it in combination with age, smoking, drinking, weight and other factors.

The results showed that female participants who drank at least 5 cups of coffee a day had a 50% lower chance of conception. In fact, early studies on the correlation between coffee and fertility have reached different conclusions. However, studies in recent years generally believe that women’s excessive drinking of tea or coffee every day and their husbands’ excessive drinking will lead to a significant decrease in women’s pregnancy probability.

soaking tea in a thermos cup: nutrient loss

Putting tea leaves in a thermos cup for a long time will first affect the taste. If the tea is kept in the cup for too long, it will cause a large amount of tannic acid and theophylline in the tea to overflow, and also make the tea soup too thick and bitter and astringent, which will not taste good. Secondly, some beneficial substances in tea are not heat-resistant, and long-term immersion will make them not well absorbed by the human body, reducing the nutritional value of tea.

Moreover, it is easy to accumulate tea dust when making tea with a thermos cup, which increases the number of times you clean it. It is difficult to clean such a thin and long cup.

serious lack of drinking water: reduced brain capacity

Rong’er didn’t want to talk about the importance of drinking water. However, there are still some office workers who, because of their high concentration at work, are easy to forget to drink water. They may drink at most two or three glasses at the end of the day. This is not a good habit.

Scientific research shows that even a slight dehydration of 1% will have a negative impact on mood, attention, memory and motor coordination. Various indicators in the human body are often different from person to person, but various data show that cerebrospinal fluid in brain tissue will be reduced due to dehydration, which will lead to brain volume reduction and affect the normal function of cells in a short time.

regular drinking and social intercourse: acute gastritis

In today’s society, every man in the workplace inevitably has to drink to socialize, and even people with low drinking capacity can’t avoid it. However, excessive drinking at one time will lead to acute gastritis, gastric bleeding and other uncomfortable symptoms, and continuous drinking of large amounts of alcohol will inevitably lead to more serious chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer. No matter how strong the stomach is, it can’t stand long-term tossing and turning.

In addition to my stomach, I also suffered from my liver. Because more than 90% of alcohol in the body is metabolized through the liver, its metabolites and the metabolic disorder of hepatocytes caused by it are the main causes of alcoholic liver injury. According to research, normal people drink an average of 40G-80G of alcohol every day, and alcoholic liver disease can occur in 10 years. If they drink an average of 160g every day, cirrhosis can occur in 8-10 years!

playing mobile phone on the way to and from work: cervical pain

I was tired enough to stare at the computer for a long time when I was the monitor, and my cervical spine would be sore. But there are still many people who keep their heads down and play with their mobile phones on the way to and from work, and even walk with their eyes closed. People who play with their heads down for a long time will not be able to rest the muscles of the neck, and the nerves and blood vessels of the neck will also be squeezed, which will lead to a variety of diseases, such as swelling of the brain and confusion of thinking. It makes people more tired.

By comparison, do you have these bad habits? If there is, it should be corrected in time! The body is the capital of revolution!

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