Five moments when women’s sexual desire reaches boiling point

1. It’s easiest to enter a state when you have a strong desire, want it, and feel relaxed.

For example, the experience of one interviewee: “the best time I felt was after drinking and talking with my friends. It was already more than five o’clock in the morning when he took me home. My brother was sleeping in the room. I asked him to wash his face, rest and go back. But he hugged me and said, ‘I want it!’. That time, we didn’t dare to shout loudly in the room for fear of waking up my brother, but we reached a high point at the same time… That time felt great!”

2. The other party is good, considerate and skilled

One interviewee said: “My best experience is with my fourth boyfriend, who is a photographer. He is very romantic, gentle and cool in appearance. When I am with him, I often have some unexpected surprises. It is quite beautiful to be with him. He will always find a comfortable place to play music and drink some wine. The most important thing is that he will pay attention to my feelings. He is not the kind of person who goes to bed after falling asleep. He will put a pool of warm water to bathe with me. That feeling is one I’ll never forget it in my life. “

3. The two have a romantic foreplay, and feel that they understand each other and are deeply cherished by each other.

This usually happens between lovers with deep love, but there are also special examples, For example, the experience of one interviewee: “So far, the best time I felt was with a foreigner. At that time, I had been divorced for two years, and he might have seen my needs. At his hotel, at nine o’clock in the evening, he poured me a beer. We chatted on the sofa first, and each other had a good feeling. He kissed my ears, kissed my cheeks, and hugged me tightly. At that moment, I felt so beautiful. I never felt this kind of gnawing feeling because of him Understand your feelings and appreciate your reactions.

After taking a bath, he hugged me to bed. At that time, the only thing I thought of was that I should let go, put aside all shame and baggage, and enjoy this moment wholeheartedly. He’s tall and I’m petite, but he’s very kind to me. He teaches me to play with and touch slowly, leading me step by step into a beautiful situation and experiencing a fascinating realm. “

4. Ceremony and celebration mood, reunion after a long separation, special day, etc.

One interviewee said: “the best time is that I haven’t seen him for a long time. Once I met him in the hotel, I felt like I wanted to eat him all over. When I entered, I couldn’t help but be happy, trembling and hugging, hoping to have close contact and friction again. This time is the best, and I can have two or three orgasms. Especially when he guides me skillfully, the climax is so beautiful.”

5. Face when there is an atmosphere of excitement and adventure

For example, cheating, concealing people’s eyes and ears, and being afraid of being discovered often stir up a strong sense of pleasure: “the best one was in a foreign field, driving while doing it, which gave me a great sense of liberation.” “The best one happened on MTV. I saw an American in the middle of the film. He began to touch my body. I didn’t refuse. I also responded. We warmly demanded and corresponded with each other. In the most wild and unrestrained process, we reached the climax together.”

Shyness and reserve are always virtues of Chinese women, but is this necessarily good? A new study published in the American Journal of interpersonal relations shows that for women, being more active in sexual life can greatly improve sexual satisfaction and help improve sexual ability. In the book “sex etiquette”, CO authored by sexology experts Emma Taylor and Lorelei Shaqi, they provide some suggestions for inexperienced shy women to improve:

1. Select the scenarios that express the needs many women are always shy about what they really want. Emma Taylor believes that trying to talk about sex in different environments can make people express their needs in a more relaxed state. For example, when watching love scenes on TV, women can try to hold their loved ones tightly and whisper, “I think we can try it tonight.” Under such circumstances, the other party will actively cater to your needs.

2. Play a role it is difficult for inexperienced women to be bold at once, so it is better to pretend to be such a person; Hold your lover tightly and let him lean against the wall. At this time, be calm. Next, you can do nothing, because he will continue this good play.

3. Seek help Emma Taylor pointed out that women should learn to get help from sex guides, books or professional online spice stores. By browsing pictures and suggestions, inexperienced women can easily express their needs and make sex more beautiful.

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