I got drunk and fell in love with my married male colleague

[guide] his hand began to touch my face. I didn’t move, and he began to kiss me. Maybe my resistance was not fierce, and he pressed me all over. I was so afraid that I pushed him away. But I was willing to use alcohol to indulge my feelings that had been pressed for a long time.

I fell in love with my married male colleague after I was drunk

I fell in love with a married colleague. I know it’s not good, but I can’t control my feelings. I’m a girl with a large list of appearances. Although my appearance is pretty, my character is like a boy. Time passes day by day, and I haven’t met anyone who makes me move. It was not until I changed my job a year ago that I met him.

Soon after we got along, I felt that he was my favorite type in many aspects. His personality was very humorous and he was also excellent at work. He took care of me like a big brother and teased me like a brother. Slowly, I liked him, but only silently. Until I went out to karaoke and drank a lot of wine, he drove me home. On the way home, he parked the car on the roadside, put down the seat, held me and leaned on his shoulder.

After sleeping for a long time, his hand began to touch my face. I didn’t move, and he began to kiss me. Maybe my resistance was not fierce, and his whole body was pressed up. I was afraid, so I pushed him away. When he woke up, he said he was sorry and patted his face. Then he sent me home. Before getting off the bus, he hugged me and kissed me for a while before letting go. I was willing in my heart. I also wanted to indulge my feelings that had been pressed for a long time with alcohol, As long as it’s not too much. In the next two days, we all avoided each other. I don’t want to be so awkward anymore, and I don’t want other people to think that we have problems. We broke the embarrassment first, and then returned to normal. We all think that nothing happened.

Two months later, one day, after work, I was still waiting for a customer to come and pay for the goods. Everyone else left, leaving us alone. Later, after collecting the money, he sent me home. It was dark all around. He looked at me quietly, hugged me and kissed me. I didn’t refuse, but I felt my heart beat faster. He said that he had a feeling for me a long time ago, and that day he dared to kiss me by drinking. It was cold at that time. He picked me up every day to go to and from work. He was used to kissing me in the morning and evening every day.

I think I like him more and more. I am infatuated with his arms. I am so warm. I like him holding my hands. I like him holding me on my knees. I like him saying that I hold him like a koala… I know it’s not good. He has a family. What should I do when people know about him? In fact, he seldom calls me. We have never tried to go shopping alone. We just go out to do business together occasionally. But I can’t control myself thinking about him more and more. In the new year, he didn’t call me, didn’t say hello, and went on a self driving tour with friends. He has a general relationship with his wife. His wife has never done anything and has a bad temper. But he loves his son so much. I feel so lost. I know I should not go on like this and leave him. But I always think about him. How can I forget him? reply:

On this issue, unless you break up first, it is very difficult for him to break up with you first. This is the selfishness of every man. He has a good wife at home and a bosom friend outside. No man is willing to give up such a good thing. In this world, love can’t be concealed from others. You think your confidentiality work is good, but you can’t keep some people’s eyes from being malicious. Once this matter is exposed, you will bear the bad name. As a man, the society will definitely be more tolerant of him than you on emotional issues. In the end, he will definitely choose his family and give you up. It’s impossible to divorce. His wife has no job, so of course she won’t do it, Since he loves his son very much, he will not hate his son’s mother too much. Men are realistic. Although they yearn for romance outside the siege, most people will not give up the woman inside the siege. Even if their love fades, their feelings still exist. In marriage, feelings are more real than love.

I believe he likes you and loves you, but what can I do? It only takes a few seconds for love to come into being, but real life is a pile of practical problems. In one’s lifetime, one will encounter countless love heartbeats, and it is the right way to choose the one that suits him best. It is very important for girls to learn to choose when dealing with marriage and love. Otherwise, no matter whether it is suitable for them or not, all love and lovers will be accepted according to the order, and you can only have a muddled life!

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