Can doing housework also help you keep fit? Just master these 7 skills

Some people do housework because they want to save money without hiring a nanny, and some people do housework for health. How can housework and fitness be carried out in order to be more healthy? What skills should we master in housework and fitness? Only with the right method can you get twice the result with half the effort. Let your housework and fitness go together.

1. Tiptoe:

When washing dishes or dishes, use a little strength on both legs, stand on tiptoe, inhale, lift, exhale and put down. Do the whole set of movements 10 times, which can not only lengthen the calf muscles but also reduce the fatigue of standing for a long time.

2. Single leg:

When standing to cut vegetables, put your whole body’s weight on one leg, take a step on the other leg’s side, land on your toes, straighten your legs, lift them to the side, hold for 20 seconds, and change to the other side.

3. Bend down:

If you stand for too long while washing dishes, your waist muscles will feel tired. When finishing the work by the sink, keep your feet shoulder wide apart and a long distance from the sink. Hold the sink with your hands and bend down slowly, stretching your back muscles and pressing down for 5 times.

4. Squatting:

Put the cooker at the bottom of the cabinet, and you must squat down to get the cooker every time. When squatting down, keep your legs together and straighten the part above the waist, so that you can exercise the strength of your waist and thighs.

5. Turning waist:

When washing dishes or dishes, exercise your waist a little more. Don’t put the washed things near your hand. Keep your feet in place. Turn your waist to put the cleaned things behind you.

6. Turn head:

Make use of the time between cooking and waiting, stand by the pot and move your head and shoulders. The head turns left and right alternately.

7. Arm extension:

When taking spices or cooking utensils at a higher position, don’t take them at will. Instead, stretch your arms and transmit the force from your big arms to your fingertips. At the same time, use your legs to lift your legs, stand on tiptoe, and lower your head to peel edamame. Lifting your arms properly not only relieves the pressure on your cervical spine, but also exercises your arms.

Warm tip: I believe you have known a little about the above-mentioned methods of housework and fitness, so that fitness can be everywhere and health can accompany you.

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