The role of yoga breathing

1. The role of yoga breathing is to brighten the heart

When the body and mind are completely relaxed and focused on stretching the limbs, a kind of “endorphin” that makes people happy will be produced in the body. Stabilizing the mind can release negative emotions and make people have positive thoughts, and gradually reach the realm of “relaxation and tranquility” and “unity of body and mind”. Using abdominal breathing can strengthen the abdominal viscera, control the speed of breathing, adjust the autonomic nerve, control the heartbeat rate, and ease tension.

2. The role of yoga breathing is to eliminate tension and fatigue

People with incorrect standing and sitting posture, or those who are in a state of mental tension due to the pressure of work or life for a long time, are naturally more likely to feel tired or tired than ordinary people, which will cause abnormal breathing. Yoga’s breathing method can eliminate exhaust gas and false fire in the body and eliminate tension and fatigue through conscious breathing.

3. The role of yoga breathing: massaging internal organs

Mastering the correct yoga breathing method is very helpful to help us all promote the health of our internal organs. When we practice yoga, we can play a very good role in massaging our internal organs by cooperating with some breathing methods. In particular, abdominal breathing can wake up every cell that constitutes the body, transfer the energy in oxygen to them, and keep them alive. So yoga has the effect of delaying aging! At the same time, yoga breathing can promote blood circulation, promote the decomposition of fatigue substances in the body as soon as possible, and massage the internal organs through the large-scale up and down movement of the diaphragm, accelerate the discharge of accumulated wastes in the body, and purify the internal environment from inside to outside.

4. The function of yoga breath is to control emotions

In addition, if we all practice yoga breathing properly, it can play a very good role in controlling our emotions, especially for our friends who are not very good mentally, it is also very important to practice yoga breathing properly. Our autonomic nervous system does not move in the direction of human will. However, we can control the autonomic nervous system by controlling the movements of “exhaling” and “inhaling”. That is why there is the saying “breathing disorderly, heart disorderly”.

Who is not suitable for Yoga

1. Middle aged and old people. After entering the old age, joint degeneration is serious, and most of these people have osteoporosis, hypertension and other diseases, so they should not participate in yoga requiring handstand, bending and other items. It’s easy to get hurt.

2. Patients with neck and lumbar diseases. Many of the basic movements of Yoga need to use the neck and lumbar vertebrae, so people with diseases in this area are not suitable for practicing yoga.

3. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or hypertension. Jia’s action requires positioning, limb extension and twisting, which may lead to reduced peripheral blood flow, more likely to lead to serious blood coagulation and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Pregnant women should be more careful when practicing yoga. Relevant exercises must be carried out under the guidance of the coach and the permission of the doctor and when the fetus is stable.

5. High IOP, high myopia, headstand is not recommended. Bending forward or standing upside down will increase the intraocular pressure. Therefore, yoga is not recommended for people who have high intraocular pressure and high myopia.

Benefits of Yoga

1. Have a charming figure

Sticking to yoga every day can make women have a charming and good figure. The busy work and tight spirit every day have made many women lose their perfect bodies. If you can persist in doing yoga every day, you can obviously feel the changes in your body. The fat in the lower abdomen gradually decreases, the hips become more cocky and straight, and the arms become slim. You will soon recover your charming figure. In the process of practicing yoga, it is still a good way to reshape the body, because there are many poses of yoga, and the difficulty is different. If you pay attention to proper practice methods, you can quickly decompose and burn the excess fat in the body.

2. Have a healthy body

By practicing yoga consistently, you can gain a healthier body. Because in the process of practicing yoga, the muscles and bones of the whole body can be effectively alleviated and adjusted. In addition, yoga exercises have high requirements for breathing. Between breathing and inhaling, it can also effectively promote the blood circulation of the whole body, so that all organs in the body can be adequately nourished by Qi and blood, which is very beneficial to health.

3. Enhance temperament

For those who practice yoga for a long time, the biggest change is not only that their body shape becomes better and softer, but also that their temperament will change greatly.

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