Who is healthier than kissing?

Think of the deep kiss between zhizunbao and Zixia fairy in Stephen Chow’s journey to the west, which is still a classic today. Nowadays, many countries are holding kissing competitions with different themes to convey different health concepts, so that couples can gain rare health enjoyment in passionate kissing——

Italy: underwater kissing improves lung vitality

Romantic Italy is always unique, even the kissing competition is unique. They chose the Italian resort of Reggio as the venue. Lovers compete for kissing time underwater. Kissing underwater requires holding your breath completely, which is the best way to improve the lung capacity of two people. During the competition, the alveoli of the human body will get maximum activity with deep breathing. You and he might as well try it out at home and experience different kisses. It’s fun! The record of this kissing contest is 1 minute 51 seconds. Challenge it!

Venice: 60000 people kissing and sharing Spa

Venice, the water city, has always been a place for lovers to yearn for, and the kissing competition held here has attracted 60000 people, 30000 couples embracing and kissing. The organizer proposed that the energy of two people transferred to each other’s bodies would promote blood circulation and help the body detoxify. At the same time, increase the degree of emotional pleasure of each other. Imagine the grand occasion of 60000 people embracing and kissing. Do you want to try this natural spa that integrates body and mind?

Switzerland: Kiss marathon, promote oral health!

Switzerland holds kissing marathon every year, not only to break the world record of 30 hours, 59 minutes and 27 seconds set by an American couple, but also to improve people’s awareness of oral health. Before this, the contestants must receive relatively strict oral health training, including how to regulate diet, brush teeth correctly, and use dental floss with different functions. In this way, it not only increases the interaction between two people, makes the love between lovers stronger, but also is a very good promotion of oral health!

Hong Kong:

Kissing is skillful, and the more you kiss, the healthier you will be

Every year, the WTC more World Trade Center in Hong Kong holds a kissing competition with the theme of “the more you kiss, the healthier you are”. Couples from different countries will sit on the unique love bench and kiss their other half with various skills in front of the public. Among them, there are many techniques such as “French wet kiss”, “Plato’s kiss” and “orange kiss”. More health experts commented on various kissing techniques on the spot, and pointed out that kissing in different ways can fully exercise the head and face muscles, greatly improve the body immunity, and make two people who are immersed in love happy.

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