Four principles for staying up late

I read an article before entitled “is there any way to stay up late every day without dying too early”, and its content only has two words: No. This is really a simple and rude article, but if you only stay up late occasionally, you can still keep healthy through the following methods.

1、 Keep exercising

According to your age and interests, choose some targeted projects for physical exercise. If you feel low energy or sleepy when staying up late, don’t force yourself to stay up. It’s better to have a rest in time; If you can’t rest due to work needs, don’t rely on the stimulation of coffee, strong tea and cigarettes to keep awake, because caffeine can stimulate the brain to secrete excitatory substances, which can easily lead to insomnia, increase the concentration of blood lipids, and endanger cardiovascular health. Cigarettes are a risk factor for hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It’s better to do some simple activities on the spot, such as walking slowly, doing Taijiquan, kneading temples, or doing some exercises such as bending, kicking, and turning the neck to move the limbs and head and neck.

2、 Make up for sleep

Sleep disorder is a big problem for night shift workers. Night shift workers have to go to work at night and sleep during the day, but their sleep during the day is often affected by sunlight, noise and so on, which makes the physical and mental losses of night shift workers not compensated after daily work, resulting in increased fatigue and even decreased appetite, anxiety and irritability. Therefore, after staying up late, we should take a rest as soon as possible instead of working around the clock. Even if you are full of energy, you should supplement your sleep in time. After lunch, you should also arrange a nap to help you recover your strength and refresh yourself.

3、 Keep a happy mood

The reversal of work and rest time will not only bring a series of physiological problems to night shift workers, but also highlight their psychological problems in the long run, such as sleep disorders and depression. Many night shift workers are often unable to take good care of their families because of the reversal of their work and rest hours. It is difficult for them to fulfill their responsibilities as husbands, wives, children and parents. Some contradictions arise from this; With the decrease of their participation in social activities, problems such as social information isolation, reduced communication with family and friends, and inadequate psychological release have arisen. Therefore, try to eliminate the psychological burden, don’t worry too much and fear working at night, face the reality, establish confidence, and maintain a happy mood and high mood, which will help eliminate the pressure.

4、 Increase nutrition

Night shift workers should ensure that they have enough heat energy, and those who work long night shifts can eat night snacks during the night shift. It is very necessary for night shift people to eat more nutritious foods, such as milk, eggs, lean meat and bean products. Eat light, delicious and soft meals, and supplement foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, fish roe, etc; Eat more fruit or fresh juice. It is also beneficial to take some multivitamin supplements in an appropriate amount under the guidance of a doctor.

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