Four key points of skin q-elasticity, whiteness and tenderness four key points of skin q-elasticity, whiteness and tenderness

Facial cleanser plus method

As we all know, the first step of skin care is cleaning. Only by thoroughly cleaning the skin in one day and then doing the rest of skin care can we get twice the result with half the effort. But after cleaning, the skin will always feel tight. What should I do?

We might as well use some small props, such as bubble net. Squeeze the facial cleanser into the foaming net, add some water to make the facial cleanser fully bubble, and then gently massage the light bubbles on the face to thoroughly remove the dirt on the skin and minimize the irritation of the facial cleanser to the skin. When there are more blackheads, you may as well gently massage the nose with a cleansing soft brush to remove the blackheads and acne on the nose. In this way, the face can be thoroughly cleaned.

Cosmetic lotion plus method

As we all know, as the introduction agent of face cream and essence, make-up water acts as a channel to dredge the skin. But is it possible to maximize the effect of makeup water just by patting it on your face with both hands? In fact, some small methods can highlight the efficacy of makeup water

1. Two handed warming method

Before our daily use of make-up water, first wash our hands, then put our hands together and poke them back and forth to warm them. After about 10 seconds, pour the make-up water into the palm of our hand, and then press the make-up water in the palm of our hand on our face. Through the temperature of our palms, the make-up water can better penetrate into the bottom of our muscles, completely opening up the channel for skin care products.

2. Cotton pad assisted method

You know what? Not all the time you use lotion, you need cotton pads. After the cuticle of our face is softened by makeup water, it will loosen the tight cuticle. This is the best time to exfoliate. In addition to letting the makeup water penetrate into the skin, the most important thing is to take away the old cuticle on the surface of the skin by using the lines of the makeup cotton. Therefore, we should not blindly use cotton pad to apply makeup water. If the stratum corneum is too thin, the skin will become fragile.

3. Water replenishment method of non-woven facial mask

We can skillfully use facial mask paper to make our own moisturizing facial mask for our daily use of make-up water, fully infiltrate the make-up water into the facial mask paper, then apply it to your face for about 10 minutes, then take off the facial mask paper and apply skin care products. You will find that your skin will become bright. If you want to have multiple effects, you may as well use a multi effect lotion.

Face cream plus method

In addition to our face cream being applied on the skin surface in different areas and points, what method is more effective than this? In fact, there is a better way!

First pour a cup of hot water on the cup, and then cover the mouth of the cup completely with aluminum film. Then squeeze out the usual amount of face cream and put it on the aluminum film. Let the water vapor in the cup heat the face cream, and then evenly smear the warm face cream on your face. You will find that the absorption of face cream will be better and the moisture retention will be higher. I would like to add that face cream with whitening ingredients is not suitable for heating. Please pay attention!

Facial mask plus method

Facial mask is one of the most direct and immediate skin care products. But can you make the efficacy of facial mask more outstanding?

Normally, when we apply facial mask, we apply facial mask on our face, then prepare a cling film (cut out the hole for breathing), and then lay the cling film on the facial mask to tightly wrap the facial mask (remember to leave the nostrils for breathing!) Finally, put a hot towel on the cling film, and you will find that your face will be brighter after applying the facial mask!

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