How to whiten your face? How to whiten your face

As the so-called “one white covers one hundred ugly”, every woman who loves beauty wants to have beautiful skin. Spring is the best whitening season. Making use of this time to work hard is your wisest choice. If you want to whiten and protect skin in spring, you should also be aware of the following hidden dangers.

1、 Don’t pay attention to sunscreen

When the weather gradually heats up, ultraviolet rays also become strong. People can’t wait to get out of the door and go to the sunshine in spring. Who still pays attention to the threat of ultraviolet rays? Not to mention the “conservation of the four seasons” of UVB in the sun, just the UVB, which is obviously weakened in winter, is immediately rampant in spring. If you don’t get sunscreen in early spring, it will turn black in summer!

2、 Abuse of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a good thing for whitening, and the human body cannot lack it, but its abuse will be harmful to the health of the body. A new study shows that taking vitamin C pills may aggravate arteriosclerosis. Excessive intake of vitamin C may promote the formation of kidney stones for some people; It may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, interference with anticoagulants, destruction of red blood cells, excessive absorption of iron and poor utilization of copper.

3、 Only whitening, not Moisturizing

Girls who want to whiten often just buy a bunch of pure whitening products, ignoring the importance of moisturizing. The white and tender skin should be healthy, clean and bright, instead of being painted with color and without blood. Sufficient moisture can make the skin absorb other nutrients faster, which is the basis of any simple beauty.

4、 Wrong massage

Too much massage makes the skin temperature often higher than the normal temperature, which is harmful to the reduction of melanin. In addition, most whitening products work against light and heat. Overheating skin temperature is not conducive to whitening, but will inhibit the effectiveness of whitening products. If it is to let the skin better absorb the nutrition of the product, the massage should also be as gentle as possible, and the time should be kept within 1 minute.

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