Women’s most unbearable doubts

I. when a man is satirized by a woman

For example: “without me, there would be no today for you!” In this case, love is first of all a kind of respect. If you don’t respect him, how can you cherish him? If your pay is from willing love, then you have no mood to care about gain and loss; If you have begun to care about your own pay, it means that your love has been insufficient. At this time, it’s OK to calculate, but it’s OK to be aware of it. You can’t go to claim the debt openly and righteously. That will only accelerate the evaporation of your already precarious love.

Second, when women think their men have no sense of security

Women always hope that their men can give themselves a sense of security, but what is “security”? Can you stand out when you are bullied? Or when you are angry outside, you pour all your resentment on me and become your “vent”? Women just need to listen, love and men’s attention, but men also need to understand and be recognized. Therefore, women should not always think that their men have no sense of security. What you want is nothing more than that responsibility, that commitment, that love?

III. when a man is suspected by his own woman

Marriage is about honesty and responsibility. Once a woman starts to doubt her man, the man will be very painful and even hard to argue. Such as: “who sent this message?” Don’t be suspicious of each other between the couple. If this happens every day, it will be very difficult. Pony still said, “don’t look at each other’s mobile phones easily. If you don’t see what you shouldn’t see, you’re not happy; if you don’t see what you shouldn’t see, he’s not happy!” Once this man is suspected by his own women, the man is very painful. I hope that female friends should reflect on themselves.

IV. men’s sexual ability is denied by women

Denying a man’s sexual ability is the biggest insult to him, especially the simple and rude denial. Even if you don’t want to light yourself up to flatter him, you can also slowly warm up your desire. Even if you really don’t want to force yourself, you can find a reason not to be overused to alleviate it. Categorical refusal will not only affect his mood for a while, but also affect his sexual function.

5. A woman asks, “who do you love more, your mother and me?”

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is an important part of whether marriage can be harmonious. Only when you love each other can you think of each other, not only you and him, but also your mother-in-law. Love is mutual. Only when you love and trust her can this emotion be fed back to yourself. Therefore, if you treat your mother-in-law as a lover rather than a rival, you won’t have to ask such a question.

VI. women deny men’s development prospects

Two people come together to build a happy family. Since we choose to hold hands, we need to support and trust each other. When a woman thinks that her man has no future in the future, he will lose the motivation to fight for it and break the pot. Therefore, a man needs the encouragement of his lover. Such warmth can stimulate his potential. Don’t deny your man easily. You must believe that your man is the best and the best.

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