What underwear do you wear for Yoga

1. What underwear do you wear for Yoga

Wear sports underwear: when practicing yoga, you can’t wear underwear with steel rings. People with fuller chests must wear sports underwear, which can help stabilize their chests and prevent them from shaking during movements. If you don’t have sports underwear, you can simply not wear underwear, but this will easily lead to sagging chest. And wear sweat-wicking underwear: pure cotton underwear has good permeability, but it is easy to sweat. In order to avoid discomfort caused by sweaty underwear during sports, it is better to wear fashionable sweat-wicking underwear.

2. Criteria for choosing yoga clothes

2.1. Comfortable and natural

Yoga dress is also a kind of dress. As a special yoga practice dress, it must meet any detail requirement in yoga practice, and the most prominent one is the requirement of elasticity.

Because yoga has many large movements of stretching the whole body, and it is not only from a few angles, if you wear loose and comfortable clothes made of cotton and linen, it is certainly very ventilated and comfortable, but sometimes you will feel tied up because the fabric is not elastic.

2.2. Protect navel from exposure

Now, in order to be fashionable and beautiful, the yoga clothes designed by many manufacturers will be designed with low waisted pants. No matter what kind of short-style shirt you wear in sports underwear or vest style Long-style shirt, your navel will be exposed.

Although this is visually beautiful, it is not very good for yogis.

Because we pay attention to the abdominal force and tightness at all times, so that the organs and magnetic fields in the abdominal cavity can continue to operate. It is not good for people who pay attention to health preservation to expose such an important door as the navel and blow air conditioning.

Therefore, I suggest that no matter whether you wear a longer jacket or a higher trousers, you must cover your abdomen.

3. Taboo of yoga clothes

3.1. Don’t wear: super short shorts. Some women like to wear shorts when exercising, and even hot pants that are shorter than ordinary shorts. Although they can make your legs look longer, they are not recommended to wear them when practicing yoga. When you bend down or kick, instead of worrying about whether someone will see you walk away. Moreover, shorts that are too short will pile up when you exercise, so you have to often distract yourself from pulling them flat.

3.2. Do not wear: cotton underwear. Everyone tells you to wear cotton underwear. Although this kind of fiber has good ventilation and absorbs sweat, it will become heavy and difficult to dry out when it is wet during exercise.

3.3. Don’t wear: exposed, unsupported, light colored top. Some women’s breasts will fall out of their loose and short sports tops in class. White or light colored tops are also very risky, especially when you sweat, they will become more transparent. You’re taking a yoga class, not a wet body competition.

Main mistakes in yoga

1. Only those with a soft body are suitable for practicing yoga because practicing yoga is the misunderstanding of most people. Yoga emphasizes moderation and does not pursue the range of action completion. As long as the practitioner does his best, he can get ideal results.

2. Yoga is stretching. Yoga is the combination of mind and breath to complete postures. It is a combination of movement and static. It’s not simply stretching. Yoga does not require the flexibility of the body like dance and acrobatics, but stresses the balance of ability. It uses breathing to drive the body to move. The deeper the breathing, the more the body stretches. Internal breathing helps you open up your flexibility.

3. The practice of postures is the most important. Many people only care about whether their posture is beautiful, and do not pay attention to the coordination of movements and breathing and meditation. Yoga is both internal and external cultivation of body and mind. Yoga posture is only a part of yoga, and meditation and breathing are the most important.

4. If you eat vegetarian before yoga, it’s better to practice after 2.5 hours to 3 hours. If you eat meat, it’s better to practice after 3.5 hours to 4 hours. However, it’s OK to eat a little fruit or drink a glass of milk. Especially for practitioners with low blood sugar, they need to add a little sugar before practice.

Precautions for yoga at home

1. When practicing, you must keep the room relatively quiet and the air must circulate.

2. The place can be on the bed, but don’t practice on a bed that is too soft. If you can prepare a yoga mat, it is best to practice barefoot in pajamas.

3. When learning Yoga with the CD-ROM, you must pay attention not to learn while watching the CD-ROM, but to practice after reading the CD-ROM. Because yoga stresses meditation and concentration, it is difficult to complete meditation if you do it while watching and disperse your energy, and you can’t achieve the real purpose of practicing yoga at all.

4. To practice yoga, you don’t have to imitate the cat and draw the tiger. It is completely completed according to the movements on the CD. The practitioner can do as many movements as he can remember. The sequence of movements is not unchangeable. You should do whatever you want, as long as you keep your breathing stable and your mind calm.

5. If the rhythm of the action in the CD is too fast, it means that the CD you choose is basically of no learning value and can be abandoned. When practicing yoga, you must keep 3 to 5 breaths in each movement. After practicing yoga, you should feel happy rather than tired or even painful.

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