I abandoned the handsome guy and found a rich man, but I was dumped

I was very sad at his words. Although I value his wealth very much, I also paid my heart to him. He said that he was just playing. I cried for a long time, thinking that I can’t just forget it. I have paid so much, and I can’t just break up.

Dislike the handsome boyfriend for not making money, and say goodbye to him

I came to this cafe the other day. My ex boyfriend brought his fiancee here to meet me. Speaking of me and my boyfriend, it was two years ago. At that time, I just graduated from university and worked as a clerk in an advertising company in Wuchang. I met this boyfriend in that advertising company. His name is Beibei. He is very handsome and can dress well. He looks very energetic and sunny.

I liked him a little from the first sight, and then I always found opportunities to deal with him in the company, and he was also happy to deal with me. One day, Beibei asked me, “I’ve loved you for a long time. Please be my girlfriend.” I readily agreed.

In this way, Beibei and I fell in love. This is my first boyfriend. I haven’t been in love for four years in college. In fact, in college, because I am good-looking and always dressed in fashion, many boys have pursued me, and there are also some outstanding people who are excellent in both character and learning.

But I have a higher vision, and I always think that I can either find a handsome guy with a decent appearance, so that I can have face when I go out with him; Or I need to find a rich man, who can make me worry about food and clothing for the rest of my life. Now that I’m in love with Beibei, it can be said that it meets some of my requirements.

Every time I go to my college reunion with Beibei, my close friends in the University envy me. They say that I am lucky to find a handsome guy, and I also feel very proud.

But after a long time of communication, I found that Beibei is not the person I really want to live with because of his poor economic conditions. Beibei, like me, is just a small clerk. He gets a fixed salary every month.

Moreover, the family conditions in Beibei are also very poor. His father used to be an official, and the family conditions are good. But two years ago, Beibei’s father died of illness. The old man just left, and the tea was cold. Beibei’s family has been “in decline” since then. After his father died, his mother also fell ill. Beibei also took a part of his monthly salary to treat his mother.

Therefore, he simply does not have enough conditions to satisfy my material vanity. Every time I go shopping with him, I see some high-end clothes. He always looks very embarrassed, and I have no intention to go shopping again.

Every time we go out for dinner, he just takes me to some small restaurants on the street. I really want to enjoy the romance of candlelight dinner in a western restaurant like other couples, but I know that he can’t afford it at all. Over time, my interest in Beibei faded, and I didn’t want to live a tight life with him. Every time he calls me, I just deal with him in a sloppy way and hang up in a hurry.

He asked me to go for dinner and shopping together, and I always said I didn’t have time. After several months of indifference, Beibei and I broke up. Beibei tried again and again to retain our feelings, but I insisted on breaking up. Beibei had no choice but to agree to break up.

I’m heartbroken to find a rich man who was betrayed and abandoned

After breaking up with Beibei, in order to avoid the embarrassment of working with the same company, I resigned my job as a clerk in that company and found a job in a logistics company. I worked as a Secretary for the boss of that logistics company.

The boss’s surname is Liu, and he has been single since he divorced his wife three years ago. He came to Wuhan from a small city to do business. When he first came to Wuhan, he had nothing. He started from scratch with his own efforts and hard work, and now he has this large-scale logistics company.

I admire the work ability of boss Liu very much. I have a little affection for this boss Liu. I like the mature man’s charm shown by his every move. It’s not easy for him to work alone in Wuhan, so I usually care about him. When it rains, I always remind him to bring an umbrella. Boss Liu is also very satisfied with me, always praising me for being smart and sensible. He always takes me with him to any company business entertainment.

Gradually, I found that my colleagues in the company looked at me strangely, and some people often jokingly called me “the boss’s wife”. We are in the company, attracting the envy of many people. Boss Liu is very kind to me. He often takes me in and out of high-end hotels and restaurants for consumption and often gives me some famous brand clothes and jewelry. Once, boss Liu wanted to go to Guangzhou to talk about a business. He invited me to go with him. I was very willing, so I went with him happily.

When we arrived at the hotel in Guangzhou, boss Liu only asked for a room. That night, we stayed together. The next morning, boss Liu said that he would be responsible for me, which made me feel very happy. I felt that if I could marry boss Liu as my wife, I would not have to worry about my life, and I would only wait for happiness in the future.

After returning to Wuhan, boss Liu refused to let me continue working. He said that we were too close in the company and that the gossip among colleagues had a bad effect. I thought it was OK not to go to work, so I agreed to him. After that, I moved to boss Liu’s duplex building and became a real “boss’s wife”.

However, he has to be busy with the company’s affairs every day. He comes home very late every day. Sometimes he has to go out to talk about business when he has a rest. He seldom has time to accompany me. He just gives me a sum of money every other time.

I go shopping and watch movies alone every day, and buy a lot of clothes and jewelry that I could not bear to buy before. At first, I thought this kind of life was very natural and unrestrained, but after a long time, I felt like a bird raised in a golden cage. It was very lonely and boring to be alone. I asked him to accompany me more, but he always said that he was too busy at work and had too many social engagements, which made me more considerate of him.

Once again, I said that he cared too little for me and always left me at home alone. He didn’t come back for several days, and he didn’t know when he died at home. He said that I didn’t understand him at all. He worked so hard outside and had to listen to my complaints when he came home.

With these words, we quarreled, and he slammed the door in anger. As soon as I went out, I didn’t come back for two weeks. I was worried about him, so I called him. Every time he said he was in a meeting and hung up in a hurry. I went to the company to find him, and the people in the company always said that he was not in the company. During that half month, I had a very bad time. I was very upset. I was afraid that something might happen to him outside.

Until one day, I received a call at home. It was from a girlfriend who had a good relationship with me when I was working in the company. She first asked me what was wrong with boss Liu and whether we had broken up.

I’m very surprised. How could she ask me like this? I said no, but there was a little conflict, and it will be OK in a few days. She said that she found that boss Liu was getting close to a female employee in the company recently. That female employee always went to the office to find boss Liu when she had nothing to do. She often had dinner and shopping with boss Liu. She also said that she once saw boss Liu come out of the hotel with the female employee in her arms.

Hearing this news, I felt like a bolt from the blue. I was overwhelmed and hung up. I sat down on the sofa without speaking for a long time. When I recovered, I called boss Liu and asked him to come home early. He said that I had something important to talk to him about. He agreed impatiently. When he came home in the evening, I asked him about the female employee, but he didn’t deny it. He also told me to rest assured that he would be responsible for me, would not treat me unfairly, and let me make an offer.

I was so angry at that time that I cried and scolded him: “I didn’t think you were also a person who played with feelings!” But he said lightly: “it was all for fun. Did you really love me when you were with me? You didn’t care about my money.” Then he left again.

I was very sad at his words. Although I value his wealth very much, I also paid my heart to him. He said that he was just playing. I cried for a long time, thinking that I can’t just forget it. I have paid so much, and I can’t just break up. So I called him again and asked him out. He said, “I’ll transfer the house you live in to your name. Don’t come to me in the future.” I agreed with tears in my eyes.

I miss my ex boyfriend. He even brought his fiancee to see me

I lived alone in that big house for several months and felt very lonely. Beibei was very considerate to me when we were together. Although we were poor, at least we trusted each other. What is more important than this? If I could still be with Beibei, we’d sell this house, and we’d be able to live a good life with the money.

With this in mind, I called Beibei and asked him how he was doing and whether his personal problems had been solved? He replied that he is still working, has not made a fortune, and has not yet married. I felt that I still had a chance, so I said to him emotionally that I had not forgotten him for many days. He was still the lover of my dream. I still thought of him, and regretted and apologized for leaving him before. He sighed after hearing this.

I asked him to meet me in this cafe again, and he happily agreed. The next day, when I came to the coffee shop, I saw a girl sitting side by side with Beibei. The girl was dressed in simple clothes and looked very beautiful. Beibei looked at me and walked over, took the girl’s hand and said to me, “this is my fiancee. We are getting married this Spring Festival.”

At that moment, my heart seemed to drop to the freezing point. We only talked for less than ten minutes, and Beibei and his fiancee stood up and said goodbye, leaving me in a daze.

I think I’m really a failure emotionally. I look for handsome men first and then big money. In the end, I’m still alone. What’s wrong with me? Is there something wrong with my life goal? (all characters in the text are pseudonyms)

climb trees to catch water from a flint

There is a saying that people will humiliate themselves and future generations will humiliate them. On the other hand, people have to respect themselves to be respected by others. If you don’t take feelings seriously and only care about appearance and money, how can you get real love? Not only can you not have love, but I’m afraid your dignity will be lost.

Confucius and his old man once said, “what’s wrong with seeking benevolence and getting it?” When you get what you want, you have nothing to complain about. However, people’s desire is endless. They want money and affection. However, if you make a mistake in the direction of seeking, you will naturally be disappointed.

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