Psychological games between men and women in love

How do you think I look fat in this dress? ” When a woman asks you this, you are doomed. No matter what you say, the answer is wrong. She must have the right answer in her heart.

If you tell a white lie and tell her “you don’t look fat at all”, she will know that you are lying. At this time, punishment is inevitable for two reasons: one is that you lied, and the other is that you have noticed her figure. It can be seen that no matter how you choose to answer, you can’t win the heart of your wife.

Why are women so keen on these mental games? The reason is very simple. Women want to control the relationship between the sexes through these games.

The average man usually knows nothing about these psychological games of women. But because you have to enter the game sooner or later, you’d better understand these games. Let’s take a look at what games women usually play and what their hearts are thinking in the three different periods of acquaintance, dating and love?

A psychological game between men and women

Acquaintance stage

Game 1: she wears sexy clothes and behaves a little crazy.

What is she thinking: in this case, there is no logic at all. She also knew that according to the nature of men, they would certainly stare at her. Then she will severely punish them for their normal and natural behavior. Therefore, men should not be reluctant to look away when they see a sexy woman. This may cause you to lose a great opportunity.

Game 2: in addition to her enthusiasm, she also sells a lot of amorous feelings. Even if she has no intention to date or further develop with the man in front of her, she will still make some suggestive actions that are quite provocative.

What is she thinking: she wants to attract your attention to ensure that she is still attractive to men.

Game 3: although she has no intention of dating you, she will still leave her phone number, or leave your phone number, but she will never call you.

What is she thinking: This is another bid for power. She just wanted to assure herself that she could control men with her unique feminine charm.

Game 4: even if she is happy to date you, she still chooses to refuse your date, or does not return your call.

What she’s thinking: sometimes it’s just a game of chasing gender dominance, and sometimes it shows that she wants you to pursue her and prove to her how much you love her. If you take the bait, she will know that she has completely taken control, and you will always hear her whip crack.

Appointment phase

Game 1: at the last moment of the date, she suddenly cancelled the date, or didn’t show up at all, and didn’t even apologize afterwards.

What she’s thinking: she realizes that the party she’s chasing will have control in the relationship, and she wants to make sure that you follow her from the beginning. Many women play this game because they want to see how deep the man is in it.

Game 2: she was late for the date, or she was not ready when you went downstairs to pick her up. Moreover, such cases are not uncommon.

What is she thinking: she wants to find out how patient you are. She wants to be the dominant party, confirm that you are ardently pursuing her, and make you wonder what she thinks of you. If she asks you to wait, it is tantamount to sending a clear signal: she thinks her time is more precious than yours.

Game 3: when dating, she always chooses the most expensive restaurant, the most expensive bar and the most popular movie. Of course, she hopes that you can pay all the bills quickly.

What she’s thinking: she realizes that you also know that if you don’t pay the bill willingly, you won’t have a chance to further develop with her. Worse still, she may tell you frankly that she doesn’t want to have any intimate relationship with you at all, and then continue to use your money without hesitation. At this time, if you have made it clear that you want to go further with her, Congratulations, your credit card will soon smoke.

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