Nine special views of women in choosing men

1. I fell in love with a bad man and was willing to be a bandit.

If a man can still be loved by a woman when he is bad, it naturally shows that this woman is the same. A woman who falls in love with a bad man may not have received much formal education, and she has changed her outlook on honor and disgrace. She thinks that a bad man is like a hero in her heart. Naturally, she should marry such a man to taste the prestige of being a “bandit woman”. This kind of woman’s prestige is temporary, and bad luck is doomed.

2. I especially like to dress foreign, and I’m very particular about smelly skin bags.

Women have a sense of vanity, especially those who are not well-off but are restless. Many times, they want to compare with women of the same type and prove that they are better than others. The so-called “love to dress foreign” often pursues the false, big and empty appearance without looking at the internal quality. This kind of woman, like Pan Jinlian, only looks at her height, regardless of whether a man is a hero or a “bear”. This kind of woman can easily find the kind of man who is inactive, lazy, or called a “loser”.

3. You are handsome and not afraid of public hazards.

Men are handsome. Naturally, women like them. They look cool. But it’s very likely that many women like them. This kind of man is also the most qualified to be a flower picker. Sometimes, it’s still a “public hazard”. But some women love this kind of thing. They don’t care about eternity. They only care about having it once. What can we do? Of course, this does not mean that all handsome men and stylish men are not good men.

4. Romance is not important, honesty and steadiness are good.

Traditional women may think that living is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter whether a man can be romantic or not. The most important thing is to be honest and steady. Of course, women in the food and clothing stage are most likely to have this idea. However, some women have been married for a long time and are well-off. Only then do they find it better to be romantic. Sometimes you may think that romance is still necessary, and life is for enjoyment. Then, confusion will occur, and even desire to derail.

5. Family property is the most important thing, regardless of whether he is old or not.

A man with a family business is naturally a blue chip stock, but the more blue chip stocks, the more likely they are to contain many defeats. For example, men are rich, that is, those who can create such a foundation are mostly not young. Some of them are very likely to be fathers when they are old. But women who don’t get along with the line naturally have certain qualities and abilities. If you choose this kind of man, you can at least have a superficial fame and fortune. But whether sex is good or not, only I know.

6. Look at people, look at the root, and come to teach them after marriage.

Some women can see the qualities of men from the phenomenon and have their own opinions. Although this man is seen by others as having many bad qualities, such as low status, lack of money, and perhaps some bad habits that ordinary people are not accustomed to, women do adhere to their own choices because they grasp some valuable characteristics of men. This kind of woman has the ability of “panning for gold”, which is naturally extraordinary. At first, it was not understood or even ridiculed by people when it was hard to “wash”. When “gold” began to shine, it would make people envy it.

7. Talent is tall and humorous, and talent is hard to find.

Of course, there are men with real talent and a sense of humor in life, but they will not be many. There are many men with only a sense of humor, but the humor without talent is sometimes funny, but it is more like playing poor. It is very rare to find a man with real talent and a sense of humor. It is doomed that he will not be lonely all his life, and there will be surprises from time to time. Of course, he can enjoy the fun of loving life and life.

8. I am passionate about my career and ambitious as a dragon.

There are also some women who love men with aspirations, or men who are passionate, fully committed and ambitious in their careers. Of course, such men do not necessarily have a high start and may have to experience many failures and setbacks. But women look at such men and fall in love with them, that is, they fall in love with “potential stocks”. If they do well, they will naturally have a big rise. However, when they marry this type of man, they need to share weal and woe. Men’s careers are unsuccessful, Women should not regret it.

9. Good comprehensive quality is the most important thing.

Such a woman must be more intellectual, because she can not only estimate macroscopically, but also investigate microscopically. Perhaps, this kind of woman also has emotional times, but she will use reason to guide. This kind of woman can often lead a happy life, which is enviable. General intellectual women can often have the happiness predicted by “four leaf grass”. It seems that everything is happy. The quality of nature itself has a decisive factor, and then there is a good opportunity.

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