Divorced white-collar workers: I began to indulge myself

After divorce, my first task after eating every night was to surf the Internet and chat with people of all levels in various chat rooms. I am a mature and pretty woman. My years of office director career have enabled me to chat with people of all levels in various chat rooms.

At the beginning, I was still very reserved. No matter how we talked, it was only on the Internet. After all, I was not the age of boys and girls, so I still had some self-control. I wish I wanted to tease those men on the Internet. My husband’s betrayal made me feel that men don’t have a good thing. What love and love are all lies. I don’t believe that. Lie to those children.

In May, as usual, after dinner, I made a cup of tea, and while browsing the eight coat news on the Internet, I entered a chat room, dealing with boring people without a word. At this time, a man named Dongfeng greeted me. His questions felt like vivianono. I thought another unlucky guy came up to make me happy, so I chatted with him. Unexpectedly, we had a very good chat, so both sides added friends. After chatting for several times, we found that we were still in the same city, so we left phone calls to each other.

One night, it was drizzling outside and I was cooking when suddenly the phone rang. It was a strange phone (I forgot to say that, although we left phone calls for each other, I didn’t remember them and didn’t put them in my mobile phone). Unexpectedly, it was him. He said that he was depressed recently and wanted to talk to me. I said, OK, I’ll see you online later. He said “no”, he wanted to see me. Hehe, I never thought of meeting with netizens. I think it’s funny. People like us still believe in the online way?

But what he said was sincere, and we weren’t too far away. He had a car, so within a few minutes, he came to the door of our dormitory. I didn’t let him come home, so we drove together and came to a very quiet place. We chatted in the car. At that time, I realized that his wife owned a nightclub. Every night, she came back very late. He was a regular person and didn’t like that scene, But I can’t manage it, so I’m very upset.

I have been working in the office for many years, and doing ideological work is my line of work. So, I enlightened him and advised him to look from a distance. Besides, your wife didn’t do anything sorry for you, she just opened a nightclub. He also has a company. He wants to have a person who understands him very much. He said that he appreciates my steadiness and generosity and the way I talk. Oh, it’s the first time that a man appreciates me so much, and I’m a little floating.

Then, he said some considerate and measured words, but we only talked. That night, we talked a lot, but we didn’t act excessively.

Later, when he called again, he asked me if I was disappointed with him, and I said why? He said that that night, he didn’t even pull me with his hand. Haha, why do I think it’s a big deal? I said, when we meet, we should hold hands and go to bed? At the other end, he also laughed, said something from his heart, and chatted with him, feeling very relaxed

So, we often met each other. In the teahouse, in the coffee shop and on the Internet, we all left our happy laughter. We argued like children and summarized like old people. In a word, everything was so beautiful. It made my life bright after divorce. But I never thought of anything to do with him and didn’t want to interfere with their family. He didn’t want to, and he didn’t have any plans to divorce. We’re like this, day after day.

Finally one day, he suddenly came to the gate of our courtyard. He called me and said that he would come to our house. I hesitated for a moment, but I still let him come. His face was very bad. He said that he had just quarreled with his lover. I poured him a glass of water, comforted him and expressed deep sympathy for his situation. Suddenly, he hugged me. This was the first time he hugged me since we had been dating for several months. At that time, before I reflected it, his lips kissed mine.

I haven’t been in contact with men for a long time since I got divorced. To be honest, I’m a bit against men in my heart. But somehow, I didn’t mean to resist his sudden move. His tongue was stirring in my mouth. I felt a kind of inexpressible feeling all over. He held me tightly, and his hand also reached into my clothes. At first, he still touched me through my bra.

Later, he put his hand directly under the bra, and I felt his warm hands. I felt a tremor all over. The unique breath of a man I had not seen for a long time deeply infected me. I was like a gentle lamb, and I let his disobedient hands touch my whole body. I was drunk, really.

So, things that shouldn’t have happened. That night, we were crazy. He asked me twice in a row. Each time, we were deeply intoxicated and forgot the time. We just tasted each other, there was no language, and everything was so tacit. This is something I had never realized since I married my husband for more than ten years. I really regret that I have lived in vain for 40 years. I never felt that sex was such a wonderful thing before, And he also said that I was a great woman, and both of us experienced unprecedented pleasure.

We are in this way. No one wants anything from each other. We are all intoxicated with the happiness that can only be realized when we are in love.

However, we are all very rational about this unexpected feeling, and mutual understanding is the basis of our relationship.

If things slide like water, there will be nothing, but finally the paper still can’t contain fire. Thieves are thieves, and stealing is stealing. Although you think it is fashionable, this matter was finally discovered by his wife. The reason is that his wife feels that he is wrong. For some reason, he always laughs for no reason.

So I became suspicious and secretly went to a private detective. Not only did I find my home, but also I tracked my home during one of our dates. Let alone our embarrassment.

When it was, I couldn’t say anything, and there was no Lingya sharp teeth at all. I wished there was a crack in the ground. His wife was really a nightclub worker. She scolded me in a good way, so that I, the office director, couldn’t answer a word. I just bowed my head, like a child who had done something wrong. His wife scolded me.

Suddenly, he slapped me with a wave of his hand, which I didn’t expect. I was so big. In my memory, no one had hit me like this. I was angry at once. He waved back. The man next to me grabbed my hand and pushed his wife away. The rest of me sat on the bed crying with my hot face.

The next day, I didn’t go to work and my mobile phone was turned off. I think I should think about our affairs calmly. I lay in bed for a day. I decided to end this relationship that should not have any results. I got up, turned on the computer, deleted his QQ and his mobile phone number. I think I should start again. He wouldn’t give me anything originally. We have no results, What’s the point of keeping in touch?

I think about my future carefully. This is the first time I think about my future after my divorce. I wonder if I will still have love, if I will find a husband, and what do I need?

I thought and pondered. That night, I didn’t surf the Internet, turn on the TV, read a book, or listen to music. I just sat in bed, my head was in a mess, and I couldn’t figure out what to do. At this time, I realized that in fact, I was moved by his feelings. He is my ideal husband, my reliance and my shoulder. But he is someone else’s husband. Ha ha, he can play tricks on people.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my mature, steady and pretty face. I snorted to myself in the mirror. A sneer suddenly appeared on my face. I was scared. I didn’t understand how my smile could be so cold.

Since then, I seem to have changed. Every night, I appear in every chat room. Flirting with different kinds of people. Meet men of all ages and sleep with men of all ages. I’ve changed. I’m surprised by this change. It turns out that I can become so dirty and shameless. In my forties, I started my game life.

My spare time life has become to meet with netizens, eat, and open a room in a hotel. I enjoy it. I’m not promiscuous either. Considering that it is not safe to surf the Internet, I listened to my friend’s good advice and bought a set of software from the Internet that is comparable to xiyius. Xiyius starts with the basic mechanism of PC security and adopts original security technology, which can discover potential threats that antivirus software can’t find and block major dangers that antivirus software can’t solve.

It has four major functions: specifically blocking illegal screen monitoring, keyboard and mouse theft, QQ, online banking, game password theft, QQ, MSN chat record information and important document data theft, which fully makes up for the lag of antivirus software in virus detection and antivirus; At the same time, it can also perform top secret encryption and subvert conventional security encryption on all partitions of the hard disk, chat records, documents and other important information.

In this way, I feel a lot at ease. But there is one thing. Since then, I have never let another man come to my house.

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