Songs suitable for Aerobics

1. Songs suitable for Aerobics

Aerobics is a deeply loved aerobic sport. It is a sports activity integrating group aerobics, dance, music, entertainment and fitness.

There are many songs suitable for aerobics dancing. In fact, most of them have a good sense of rhythm. Generally speaking, the most common songs are “not afraid”, “cheerleading”, “mass aerobics”, “kissy kissy”, “creating miracles”, “youthful charm”, “Why me”, “forever”, “playing big cards”, “season of the wind” and “backing up”. These songs are very suitable for aerobics dancing.

2. What kinds of aerobics are suitable for men

Crouching and lying down: stand with your feet together. Squat down, keep your palms flat on the ground, kick your feet back, support your upper body with your hands, then bend your arms and keep your body parallel to the ground (keep your chest or knees from touching the ground). Hold for at least 20 seconds. Finally, take your feet back to form a squatting posture, and then stand up slowly. Repeat 8-10 times.

Cross legs and twist: sit on the floor, straighten your left foot, bend your right leg across your left leg, and pin your left hand to your right knee. Then slowly rotate your body to the right rear (your right hand can support on the floor to maintain balance), and keep it for 20 seconds when you turn to the limit.

3. How to do breast enhancement Aerobics

Straighten your legs, sit firmly, hold your hands into fists, wrap your thumbs in your fists, and place your fists in a position that can make your upper body sit straight and your chest stand up.

Hold this position and then do deep breathing exercises. First, spit out the air in a big mouth, then inhale the air from the nasal cavity, and repeat several times.

What are the characteristics of Aerobics

1. Strong rhythm

The characteristics of aerobics music are strong rhythm, beautiful melody, setting off atmosphere, strong rhythmic characteristics of Aerobics actions, and fully expressed through music. Therefore, music is the effect of aerobics to stimulate people’s emotions. The reason why aerobics is deeply loved by people is that modern music has brought vitality to aerobics, in addition to the efficacy of exercise itself and the sense of the times of action.

2. Wide adaptability

There are various forms of aerobics exercise, the amount of exercise can be large or small, and it is easy to control, and the requirements for venues and equipment are not high. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all ages, genders, physical qualities and technical levels. All kinds of people can find their own ways from aerobics exercise and enjoy it. For example, the middle-aged and old people can choose low-intensity aerobic exercises to exercise, entertain themselves and maintain health; For young people who have better physical quality and intend to further improve, competitive aerobics with higher difficulty and greater exercise volume can be selected as the means of practice. Through the practice of competitive aerobics, they can not only exercise their bodies, but also improve their technical level and meet their enterprising requirements.

What are simple aerobics

1. Diving swing slimming exercise for back and abdomen

Action Essentials: first put a balance bar about two feet in front of the Bosu balance ball, then put your abdomen directly on the balance ball, then lift your feet off the ground and gradually separate your legs. Remember to put your hands on the balance bar and lift your legs as high as possible (see figure a above). Then, slowly roll the balance table to the front of Bosu ball, and return both feet to the ground (see Figure B above). It is recommended to repeat this set of movements for about 14 times, and you can rest for 30 seconds between each set of movements.

2. Crescent shaped step slimming exercise for back and leg tendons

Action Essentials: first stand with your legs together, hold a dumbbell weighing eight to twelve pounds with your right hand, and then stretch your right leg back as far as possible to make your left leg bend to 90 degrees. Try to put your body on the cover of your left knee. At the same time, keep your left hand at the same height and straight to the outside, and your right hand should naturally droop (see figure a above). Then raise your right hand until your elbow crosses your body, and lift it about 14 times. Then lift it on the other side. It is recommended to do the whole set of movements in 3 groups, with the same interval of 30 seconds.

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