These secrets must be understood by women

There are two men chasing a girl at the same time. The girl doesn’t know which one to spend her life with. At this time, a sudden SARS hit the city where the girl lived. So the girl phoned the two men separately, falsely claiming that she had a fever and might have contracted SARS. It was not long to go, and her only wish was to see each other again. The first man immediately said, “are you crazy?”? You should go to the hospital at once instead of seeing me. The girl hung up.

Then another man rushed to the girl’s house without hesitation and kissed her as soon as he entered the door. The girl said: are you afraid I will infect you? The man said, without you, what is the meaning of my life?

If you were this girl, which man would you choose? I know that most girls will choose the latter man. If a man is willing to die for you, what else can you say.

So they lived together for a week or two… The girl didn’t allow a man to smoke, didn’t allow him to go out to meet friends, and asked him to go home before 10 o’clock at night. Of course, all this was for his good. She loves him, so she can’t let him have any insecurity during the SARS period. But men feel that such a life is too boring, completely not what they imagined. They begin to quarrel, the girl cries, and the man sighs.

Finally, the man said to the girl, “let’s break up. I can’t stand this life.”. The girl said tearfully, “but two months ago, you could even die for me! Now you can’t even listen to me. Don’t you love me anymore?”

The man said, “it’s easy to die for you. If possible, I’d like to die for you a thousand times. But it’s too hard and tiring to live for you. I have to lose my life completely and obey you. It’s better to live than die.”

This love ended faster than SARS – they had broken up before SARS ended.

Some people say that a woman’s heart is a needle in the sea. In fact, sometimes, you will feel that a man’s heart is also incomprehensible. Like the girl above, I can’t understand how the man who loved himself two months ago became so ruthless in a twinkling of an eye. Because this girl doesn’t understand men.

The secrets of a man’s heart are not revealed in ordinary times, but if a girl understands these secrets, she will become “considerate” in the eyes of men.

The men’s secrets that women should understand are as follows:

1。 Men need self-esteem. They value “face” more than anything else.

If you really love him, take care of his self-esteem like your close friend! If you hurt his self-esteem, he will not only fall in love with you, but may even hate you all his life.

For example, when your career is successful, don’t let it cause pressure; When he is frustrated, don’t show that you care too much about his gains and losses, otherwise he will feel that you are pressing step by step; If he talks and brags outside, don’t expose him and make him lose face.

2。 Men need their own space, so that they can feel free and relaxed.

Every man needs his own space, and doesn’t want to sacrifice himself for his lover. If he is asked to make such a sacrifice, he will be like the man in the story at the beginning, and he will be in agony. He “can die for you, but can’t live for you”.

3。 Men have their own hobbies, and hobbies are their spiritual enjoyment.

Hobbies are the sustenance of a man’s spirit. He hopes that girls can understand and accept such hobbies and maintain his spiritual paradise. If you are a wise girl, you should learn to respect his hobbies. If you don’t like it, please don’t object! For example, don’t look at him watching a football match and you will be disgusted.

4。 Men want to do what they like.

Women should understand and support men to do what they like. Director Ang Lee has been married for six years and has been doing nothing. His graduation work “dividing line” won the best director and best film awards at the New York University Student Film Festival. Later, he has been “idle” at home, unable to find anyone to appreciate his script and invest in his films.

In those years, what he did was: throw baseball, press the road, watch movies, take care of children, write scripts, cook three meals and daze. He is supported by his wife’s salary. Because of his lack of income, he was once discouraged and despaired of himself, and considered whether to change careers to learn computer science. His wife Lin Huijia knew him very well and knew that he loved movies, so she scolded him: “there are so many people who do computers, and there is no shortage of you. You should concentrate on your movies.”

Later Ang Lee succeeded. A reporter went to interview Lin Huijia. She said this: to love a person is to let him do what he wants.

Clever girl, carefully grasp the man’s “secret”, so you can grasp love!

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