Rope skipping to lose weight: how many times a day

How many times do you jump a day to lose weight? This is a problem that many dieters want to understand. Rope skipping belongs to aerobic exercise, which is conducive to accelerating the metabolism and promoting the fat burning in the body, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss and slimming. It takes a long time to adhere to exercise to achieve a good slimming effect, make the body more harmonious and symmetrical, and also make the skin more compact. So, do you know how many times you jump in a day to lose weight? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

Rope skipping to lose weight: how many times a day

Rope skipping is a very good weight-loss exercise. The process of rope skipping is a whole-body exercise. Rope skipping takes 20-30 minutes a day. According to the standard of 140 rope skipping per minute, 2500-3000 jumps should be made to achieve effective weight-loss results. Skipping rope to lose weight is still not enough, and diet control is also required.

There is a simple formula to calculate the ideal weight according to the patient’s height. Height – 105 is the ideal weight of the patient. Then, according to the occupation of the patient, calculate the daily consumption of large calories, and control the total amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables. At the same time, do some exercises every day, including rope skipping, aerobics, swimming, walking, fast walking and cycling. Only when the amount of input is less than the amount of output, can the effect of weight loss be achieved. It is very beneficial to lose weight by exercising all over the body.

Precautions for weight loss in rope skipping: firstly, it is necessary to jump rope in a wide and obstacle free field. It is better not to have dust or sand on the ground, and the ground is uneven. Such conditions are not conducive to rope skipping. It is better to choose an indoor stadium with wooden floor or a resilient field. Second, rope skipping is an intense exercise, which will cause a lot of sweat. You should pay attention to changing clothes in time to prevent colds. Finally, before rope skipping, you can do some warm-up exercises to help your body open its joints so that you won’t be sprained. At the beginning, you can jump rope slowly, and your body can adapt well to speed up.

How many times do you jump a day to lose weight? The above is the detailed introduction of this problem. I believe you all know it. It is necessary to remind you that during the weight loss period, the diet should be light and coarse fiber, and avoid eating greasy and fried foods, which is not conducive to the success of body weight loss.

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