After dinner, close your eyes to protect your liver and nourish your health

The head is the “house of Yuan Shen” and the eye is the “window of unity”. Since ancient times, many medical experts have advocated that “health preservation is important in nourishing the spirit”. It is a simple and effective health care method to recuperate the spirit by regularly eliminating distractions, being single-minded, meditating and resting with eyes closed.

Unlike meditation with a strong mental nature, closing your eyes and nourishing your mind requires eliminating all external interference, relaxing your mood, and keeping your brain in a static state without thinking or worrying.

There are several ways for the elderly to close their eyes and refresh themselves:

After dinner, close your eyes to protect the liver and digest food: after eating, the blood in your body will concentrate in the digestive tract to participate in food digestion. If you walk and exercise again, some blood will flow to your hands and feet. The liver will have insufficient blood supply, and its normal metabolic activities will be affected. Therefore, closing your eyes for 20 minutes after dinner can maintain your liver and promote digestion.

Close your eyes and calm down: when you are irritable, the old man should quickly leave the place of right and wrong and close his eyes and think. At the same time, gently press the index finger end of both hands on the eyelids and gently rub them until the eyes are hot and swollen, and then you will feel stuffy and stuffy in the chest, and your anger will drop.

Close eyes and Nourish Qi: the elderly often feel that Qi is not enough, especially for patients with respiratory tract infection and asthma. It is very necessary to close eyes and rest to cultivate vitality.

Close your eyes to relieve fatigue: it is particularly important for the elderly to combine work and rest. When you are tired of reading, reading newspapers and writing, you may as well close your eyes slightly for a rest, which will make you quickly “recharge”, eliminate fatigue and recover your spirit.

Close your eyes and memorize: the memory of the old people is gradually declining, and they often forget things. At this time, close your eyes and rest for a few minutes. When you are relaxed and calm, you may be enlightened.

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