Sneezing shows your character?

Sneezing is a kind of neural reflex caused by various stimuli. Sneezing can reflect personality. Sneezing can also become an inducer of certain diseases. Sometimes it is difficult to suppress sneezing. We need to use scientific methods to help suppress it.

Sneezing, like coughing and tears, is a physiological phenomenon. To be exact, it is a nerve reflex caused by various stimuli.

Therefore, experts define sneezing as an “involuntary, sudden, violent and audible expulsion of air through the mouth and nose”. At present, we have the following information:

·Before sneezing, the secretion in the nose suddenly increases, and itching is difficult to stop.

·At the moment of sneezing, people always close their eyes, and their hands and feet are not very obedient.

·Sneezing can produce a huge explosive force. The speed of the spray can be as high as 30 meters per second, and the maximum distance can be 1.6 meters.

·Sneezing has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it can timely discharge foreign matters, such as dust, bacteria and viruses, that sneak into the nose, and protect the human body from colds and other infectious diseases. The disadvantage is that it sprays viruses into the surrounding air and spreads them to others, just like “poisoning”.

sneezing shows character

You may not know that the way a person sneezes can also show some aspects of his inner world. An American body language expert named wood observed and analyzed 550 people for three months, and found that most people have specific sneezing patterns, which are closely related to their personality characteristics. He thus concluded four types of sneezing personality:

1. “Enthusiastic sneeze”. It is characterized by a loud and powerful sneezing voice, frequent innovative ideas, strong insight, can inspire and stimulate people’s fighting spirit, attach importance to interpersonal relations, full of enthusiasm for new people and new opportunities, optimistic and upward, strong independence, good eloquence, good expression, and like to communicate with people.

2. “Elegant sneeze”. It is characterized by polite and elegant sneezing ways, moderate voice, and often covering your mouth with paper towels or handkerchiefs. Such people are informed, friendly, unrestrained, avoid conflicts, be kind to others, loyal, calm, trustworthy, listen to others’ conversations carefully, and be willing to help others.

3. “Cautious sneeze”. It is characterized by a very low sneezing sound, and even stifles this feeling in order not to disturb others. So as to avoid the discharge of filth or loud noise. This kind of person is careful, dutiful, likes reading and thinking, and always thinks twice before doing anything.

4. “Direct sneeze”. It is characterized by loud sneezing sound and several times in a row. Such people are decisive, vigorous, competent, simple, do not want to rely on anyone, strong personality, high efficiency, and clear love and hate.

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