These things should be done slowly. The sooner you get sick, the easier you will be

Living in a fast-paced city, every day is a race against time. Especially for office workers, they should walk fast, eat fast, and pay attention to the word “fast” in everything they do. However, some things pursue time compression too much, and efficiency is improved, but health is damaged.

For our health, these five things in life should be done slowly:

1. Get up slowly

Because of the rush to work, many people will grunt up when they hear the alarm, but they will be knocked down by a dizzy feeling. In fact, this is because after waking up, our bodies need a process from sleeping to waking up. If we hurry up, we are prone to dizziness, dizziness and even fall.

Therefore, don’t get up in a hurry when you wake up in the morning, lie in bed and meditate for a few minutes, take a deep breath, stretch and kick your legs to promote smooth blood flow throughout the body, but it’s better not to continue to sleep with your eyes closed, otherwise it’s easy to fall asleep again. Wait until you feel almost awake, and then slowly get up to wash.

2. Brush your teeth slowly

According to the survey, the average time for Chinese people to brush their teeth each time is 59 seconds. However, on the one hand, brushing their teeth too fast can easily lead to gum bleeding and dental tissue damage. On the other hand, the time is too short to completely clean the teeth and mouth, making it easier for bacteria to reproduce

Therefore, brush your teeth slowly and longer, preferably for more than 3 minutes. Since each of our teeth has five sides, including two sides, two inner and outer sides and one occlusal surface, there are about 80 tooth surfaces that need to be cleaned. If we want to be comprehensive and brush each side for 5-10 times, it is difficult to complete this workload in less than three minutes.

3. Drink water slowly

Many people’s understanding of drinking water is only limited to quenching their thirst. If they are not thirsty, they will not drop water. If they are thirsty, they will drink enough at one time. Drinking more water every day is really good for your body and can supplement the water lost by your body. But drinking too much water in a short time will not only make you healthier, but may also increase the burden on your kidneys and cause hyponatremia.

A healthy kidney can discharge 800-1000 ml of water per hour under normal conditions, so if you take in water (drink water or eat fruit, etc.) within this degree, the kidney “indicates no pressure”. However, if a large amount of water is suddenly drunk in a short time, the kidneys have no time to discharge it, and the excess water will enter the cells in large quantities, resulting in hyponatremia. Therefore, drink water slowly at ordinary times. You can drink it at different times. Don’t drink too much water at one go, so as not to burden the kidney.

4. Eat slowly

Are there people around you who finish their meal by dividing five by two? If there is, I must ask him to change it, because eating too fast will hurt him. First of all, eating fast means chewing less. Food enters the stomach without being chewed, which is easy to cause stomach discomfort and indigestion. Secondly, if you eat too fast, you can’t feel the taste of the food. If you eat only to satisfy your stomach, your requirements will be lowered, and in the long run, you will cause nutritional imbalance. Moreover, it is not easy to feel full if we eat too fast, which will cause us to increase the amount of food we eat, and food will accumulate in the stomach, which will not only burden the gastrointestinal tract but also increase the probability of getting fat.

Food is the most important thing for the people. Eating is a pleasure, not a task. Learn to chew carefully and swallow slowly, and control the eating speed to 15-20 minutes. You can not only feel the delicious food on the tip of your tongue, but also not cause damage to your body. Why not?

5. Breathe slowly

Life is inseparable from breathing, but our breathing method may not be correct. According to the statistics of China’s respiratory experts, more than half of the people in cities breathe incorrectly. Most people breathe too short, so that the air can not go deep into the lower end of the lungs, resulting in low ventilation. Short and shallow breathing not only makes many people’s brains lack of oxygen and easy to be tired, but also easily induces a variety of diseases.

Breathing slowly is more healthy, and the correct breathing should be in the form of “inhale stop exhale”, which is what we call deep breathing. The whole process lasts for about 6-10s, which is slow and long. There are two key points. One is to breathe in slowly, evenly and deeply, so that more oxygen can enter the body. The second is to spit hard, spit clean, and discharge all the exhaust gas from the body.

Anyway, for health, slow down!

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