Will you walk slowly after dinner

1. Will you walk slowly after dinner

Walk slowly after dinner. The spleen is the foundation of postnatal development. The health and longevity of human beings are directly related to the spleen and stomach. There are ways to nourish the spleen, such as tonifying and moving. Walking slowly after meals can help the digestion function of the spleen and stomach. This is the way to maintain the spleen by moving. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen governs the limbs, the spleen governs the muscles, and moving the limbs means moving the spleen. “One hundred steps after dinner” is a widely accepted concept of health preservation for thousands of years, and also has a lot of practical support.

2. Benefits of walking slowly after dinner

2.1. Enhance cardiovascular function

Regular walking can regulate the functions of the whole blood circulation system and respiratory system, prevent muscle atrophy, and maintain the flexibility of joints. When walking, people’s lower limbs should support their weight, so that the muscles and bones of their legs, thighs and buttocks can be exercised. At the same time, the body moves forward, and the lower limb muscles participating in the activity need to coordinate with other parts of the body. The heart must strengthen contraction and increase the blood output of the heart, which is a good exercise for the heart. For example, walking at a speed of 80 meters per minute usually has a heart rate of 100 times per minute.

2.2. Improve the metabolic rate of the body

The middle-aged and old people walk at a speed of 50 meters per minute, and the metabolic rate increases by 48%. If you walk for one hour every day, walking for 4000-5000 meters will consume about 300 kcal of heat.

2.3 it helps to eliminate fatigue

Brisk walking can ease the tension of nerves and muscles, and is an ideal “antidote” for treating emotional tension. As the blood circulation of the whole body is accelerated during walking, the cerebral blood flow is increased, and the nutrition of nerve cells is improved, it can help people who are mentally and psychologically nervous to relax, and it is helpful to eliminate fatigue, maintain the body, and improve learning and work efficiency.

3. Can you walk slowly after dinner

After dinner, the stomach is in a full state. Even a slight exercise will shake the stomach, increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, and affect the digestive function. After meals, a large amount of blood is concentrated in the digestive tract, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced, resulting in slight ischemia, which makes people feel drowsy. Walking at this time, especially the elderly, is prone to accidents.

Walking immediately after meals can cause dizziness, fatigue, dizziness and limb numbness to people with coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction; For patients with peptic ulcer and gastroptosis, the disease will be aggravated. Therefore, it is unscientific and bad for your health to walk slowly after dinner.

How to lose weight by walking slowly after dinner

1. We should also pay attention to speed when walking

First of all, speed is very important. You can choose to walk 4 kilometers at a speed of 1.5 kilometers in 12 minutes, then walk 10 minutes at a normal speed to recover, then walk 4 kilometers at this speed, and then walk 10 minutes at a normal speed, and so on. You can also maintain a brisk walking posture for 30 to 45 minutes, or walk fast with big steps. The speed is maintained at about 120 to 140 steps per minute.

2. Two hours after dinner, lose weight quickly

Walking can be carried out anytime and anywhere, but the effect is not the same at any time. For those who want to lose weight, the best time is two hours after dinner. Because the fat increase at this time is the largest, it is easier to lose fat when walking at this time.

3. Keep the total amount of time unchanged

If the time is limited, the centralized walking of 30 minutes to 1 hour can also be dispersed to various scattered time periods, but the total time should be kept unchanged.

4. Distance traveled each time

It is best to walk about 5 to 10 kilometers each time. It can also reach this level gradually according to its own situation. The faster the speed, the better the effect, but it should be done according to your ability. You can gradually improve the requirements and speed according to your physical condition. Pay attention to the increase of the amount and don’t go wild. It is important to adhere to the principle of gradual and orderly progress according to one’s own situation.

Who is not suitable for walking slowly after dinner

1. People suffering from coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. Large amount of exercise immediately after eating may induce angina pectoris or even myocardial infarction. It is best to take a walk one hour after dinner, half an hour each time, and pay attention not to walk too fast.

2. Patients with hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis and diabetes. After dinner, it is best to sit quietly and close your eyes for 10-30 minutes before taking a walk. It is easy to have postural hypotension when taking a walk immediately, resulting in dizziness, fatigue and even fainting. Patients with hypertension had better keep their upper body straight when walking, otherwise they may compress their chest and affect their heart function. When walking, it is better to land on the front foot and not on the back heel first, otherwise the brain will be in constant vibration, which is easy to cause transient dizziness.

3. People with chronic active gastritis and peptic ulcer. Walking immediately after meals will increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, and the food eaten will stimulate the gastric wall, which is not conducive to the repair of gastric mucosa.

4. People with anemia and low blood pressure. After meals, a large amount of blood is supplied to the stomach. When walking, it is easy to cause relative cerebral ischemia, dizziness, dizziness and even fainting. Generally speaking, such people can choose to get up early for a walk.

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