Can aerobics slim your legs

1. Can aerobics slim your legs

Aerobics can lose weight and legs. Many people think that aerobics must jump up and make the body sweat, so that the effect will be good. But for thin leg aerobics, focusing on the burning of leg fat is the most critical. If you want to lose weight and slim your legs by doing aerobics, you must ensure the quality. When you jump, you must feel that you are sweating. When you do aerobics, you must keep the time, and the time must reach the standard.

2. Aerobics leg slimming method 1

Section 1: we should sit on the bed, bend our knees, land on the soles of our feet, and wrap our hands around our calves. Use the palm power to press with your finger pulp from bottom to top. When your leg muscles feel sore and your skin is slightly red, you can change your leg to practice the above exercise. It can promote the circulation of blood in the legs, keep them away from the trouble of fat, and easily slim down beautiful legs.

Section 2: sitting on the bed, legs slightly open, knees slightly bent, feet touching the ground. Hold your ankles with both hands and use both arms to gently push and rub your legs with both hands from bottom to top, and then change your other leg to practice the above movements.

Section 3: stand with your legs slightly apart, bend your body downward with your waist strength, and beat your legs alternately with your hands, so that your leg muscles can be relaxed, which can also quickly disintegrate the fat stored in your legs. Often slapping the legs in this way can keep them away from the trouble of fat and make them slim and slim.

Section 4: you need to sit on the bed with your legs together, bend your knees slightly, and land your feet on the ground. Use the joints of the index finger to gently press the acupoints on the legs, and practice the above movements alternately with both legs. This simple massage method for slimming legs has the effect of detoxification, which can not only make the blood circulation of both legs smooth, but also restore the vitality of both legs, so that you can easily have long and beautiful legs.

3. Aerobics leg slimming method II

Body flexion

Lie flat on the mat, with your hands naturally on your sides. Lift your legs, with your thighs at 90 degrees to the horizon and your calves at 90 degrees to your thighs. Use the strength of the lower abdomen and thighs to lower the legs in turn and then hang them up. Don’t touch the ground when lowering your legs. The lowering and hanging of one leg is 1 8 beats, and 8 8 beats are done each time.

Bend over and elbow support

Face down, bend your hands in front of your chest, and support the ground with your elbows and toes. Use your abdominal strength to support your body, lift your legs for 10 to 20 seconds, and then put them down. It can be repeated many times.

Supine leg lift

Lie on your back with your hands bent to support your head and your toes straight. Push your hips, exhale and lift one of your feet as high as possible. Keep your feet straight and still for 1 second. Return to action 1 and lift the other foot synchronously. Do 15-20 consecutive times alternately left and right.

Precautions for slimming legs in Aerobics

Pay attention to each warm-up preparation and finishing activity; Wear elastic sportswear and elastic sports shoes; Prevent rapid and large-scale tonic contraction, especially for beginners and weak, middle-aged and quasi elderly people, to prevent sudden muscle strain.

proceed in an orderly way and step by step. At the beginning, walk in steps to allow the body and lower limbs sufficient time to adapt. Don’t do it for too long at first, and take 10 minutes as appropriate.

Before walking, it is very important to warm up and stretch properly, especially the lower limbs.

Beginners should do it two or three times a week, every other day. Then you can increase the number of times appropriately until you feel appropriate, never force.

When doing aerobics, you should wear fitness clothes that fit and sweat. Don’t wear ordinary shoes barefoot. Fitness shoes should have a thick pad to slow down the shock caused by the impact between the foot and the ground. The shoe body should not be too soft, but can be half high to protect the ankle.

Food suitable for thin legs

It is well known that kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C. in fact, it is also rich in cellulose. The fiber absorbs water and expands, which can produce a sense of satiety. In addition, fruit fiber can increase the speed of decomposition of fatty acids and avoid excess fat making legs thicker.

Bananas, which are a little high in calories, have a lot of potassium, but the fat and sodium are very low, which meet the nutritional needs of beautiful legs.

Tomatoes have diuretic and pain removing effects. Beautiful women who need to stand for a long time can eat more tomatoes to remove leg fatigue. It is recommended that tomatoes be eaten raw as far as possible to retain nutrition to the maximum extent, and can also be eaten as salads or fruit juices.

Eating more spinach can make the blood circulation more active and send fresh nutrients and oxygen to your legs.

Celery has a large amount of colloidal calcium carbonate, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body. It can supplement the calcium required for straightening the legs and prevent the swelling of the lower body.

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