Office romance that can easily lead to fire

Modern men and women are busy in the office every day, and they spend more time here than at home. It is inevitable that they will develop feelings over time. Compared with the opposite sex encountered in bars and other places, the impression obtained by colleagues will be much richer and more comprehensive from the outside to the inside. Of course, there will be more voices of opposition, and the most powerful and interesting evidence is believed to be the “Clinton scandal”.

Generally speaking, there are two types of office romance: true love and false love. The so-called “fake love” is nothing more than to take advantage of the other party’s power to make convenience for oneself, including making some arrangements for future work. Fake drama and lip synching, everyone has a sense of propriety and won’t cause trouble. But not necessarily. When two people “flirt”, “flirt”, “flirt” and “flirt”, colleagues around will not have no ideas, and all ideas will not be pleasant.

Is it a beautiful thing when a young and beautiful girl throws “true love” to married bosses? The conclusion is only specious, which makes people in a dilemma, and if it is not handled well, it may even lead to ruin. She may be more loyal to you, but this is in exchange for having to be accountable to her. Woman, once you feel that you have given your feelings, you have to do the same. In this case, you may lose a forest because of a small tree. Female colleagues will avoid you and male colleagues will hate you.

Women who fall into office romances may not have a good time either. Whether it is “true love” or “fake love”, there are various social and psychological pressures. I remember that a female deputy director of an organ once wrote to the media to tell her painful privacy. She said that she has always been cared for by her boss, promoted quickly, and benefited from housing and other benefits, at the cost of becoming his underground lover.

Over the years, this kind of relationship has brought her great spiritual trouble. Her colleagues are respectful to her on the surface, but behind her back, they are whispering and whispering. Moreover, because of the shade of big trees, there is no pressure and no motivation, so I feel like I am muddling along.

In fact, there are few women in the world who become famous by “falling in love with someone they shouldn’t love” like Lewinsky. It’s just a burning game. It’s better not to play it

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