How to practice waist strength in Sanda

1. Practice Sanda, exercise waist strength, and do more related sports

abdominal curl. For men, it is very important to exercise your waist strength with this. Everyone can do the movements, but the key is to be patient and persistent. Don’t do it for one day. I’m afraid I’ll give up if I’m tired. We insist on doing two or three groups of fifteen every day, and the results are very good.

Twist your waist. Of course, if the waist is too tired and does not exercise, it will cause its fat and damage. Here we suggest that when you have nothing to do, you can twist your waist to make your waist move and improve your waist function.

Leg bending exercise: we lie flat on the mat, put your arms flat on the floor, bend your legs, lift your knees, inhale deeply, and let your thighs close to your abdomen. Then exhale and slowly recover. Repeat this 8 times.

2. Practicing Sanda and waist strength can do high-intensity waist strength training

Ordinary hip bridge (Pilates hip bridge): lie flat on the mat, put palms of both hands down on both sides of the body, bend knees to 90 degrees, and put palms of both feet flat on the mat. Tighten the hips and straighten the waist so that the body is in a straight line. Silently count to 5 at the highest point, and then slowly put it down. Record it as an action.

Bell piece hip bridge: This is an upgraded version of the ordinary hip bridge. That is, hold a bell piece that you can bear the load on your lower abdomen (the lower abdomen between the two anterior superior iliac spines) with both hands to maintain physical balance. To complete the action of closing hips and straightening up, the requirements are the same as those of ordinary hip bridge.

Barbell hip bridge — an upgraded version of the barbell hip bridge: lie flat on the mat, roll the barbell over the trainer’s iliac bone, bend the knee to 90 degrees, place the palms of both feet flat on the mat, and firmly hold the barbell bar with both hands, with a holding distance more than shoulder width. Tighten your hips and straighten your waist. You can use two anterior superior iliac spines to block the barbell bar and lift it up. Your body is in a straight line. Silently count to 5 at the highest point, then slowly put it down and record it as an action. It is recommended to wrap sponge foam around the middle of the barbell bar to reduce the pressure of the barbell bar on the body.

4. To practice Sanda and waist strength, you can massage the waist

A good waist massage is also the key. In particular, we can systematically massage the waist, insist on doing it once a day, or we can also pull out the moisture in the back, which can also have a good effect on the recovery of waist strength.

What are the advantages of practicing Sanda

1. Shape the waist

This is because the lower waist is to bend the whole waist, and then support the ground with both hands and both legs. The movement of the whole lower waist is very similar to that of a bridge.

In the process of practicing lower waist, it is because its waist is constantly stretched. At this time, it will constantly exercise the muscles on the waist, so that the excess fat can be effectively consumed and used to provide energy for the most basic life activities of the human body.

Therefore, in the process of constantly exercising the waist, it can not only effectively consume the fat on the waist, effectively shape the shape of the waist, but also effectively exercise the flexibility and balance of the waist.

2. Effectively exercise the strength of the waist

This is because in the process of lower back exercises, the muscles on the waist are constantly exercised, so that the strength of the waist is more solid. Moreover, the practice of lower waist plays a very important role in women’s childbirth. Because women constantly need the cooperation of waist strength during natural childbirth, it is easier for women to give birth.

3. Prevention and treatment of certain diseases

At present, there are many diseases in clinical medicine, all of which are due to the waist. For example, cervical spondylosis of the waist, abdominal pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases are all due to the rigidity of the waist, so that it is easy to cause waist injury, leading to some bad waist diseases. And according to scientific data research in the world, it is shown and found that practicing lower waist can effectively prevent and cure waist diseases and avoid diseases.

What should we pay attention to when practicing Sanda

1. It is forbidden to bend down to lift heavy objects. It is forbidden to bend over or straighten up suddenly.

2. During long-term physical labor, set aside 3-5 minutes for gymnastics.

3. One posture should not exceed half an hour. Stand up regularly.

4. Avoid the cold at the waist.

5. The diet should be diversified, and milk, seafood and other foods rich in calcium can be appropriately added.

6. In case of lumbar sprain, you must rest to prevent the continuous movement of the spine from interfering with the repair of the damaged soft tissue.

7. The number and intensity of lumbodorsal muscle exercises must be different from person to person, and should be gradually increased every day.

8. If you feel waist pain, discomfort and stiffness the next day after exercise, you should appropriately reduce the intensity and frequency of exercise or stop exercise to avoid aggravating symptoms.

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