Can children’s dancing correct hunchbacks

1. Can children’s dancing correct hunchbacks

Dancing also has the function of correcting “hunchback”. Dance training can make the body become straight and straight, and overcome some bad posture such as bending and hunching. Many students began to contact dance with the aim of cultivating temperament and getting rid of the hunchback. Eventually, because they gained a lot of beauty from dance, they chose to apply for an art college. In particular, professional one-on-one dance training can not only cultivate children’s temperament, but also correct hunchbacks.

2. The disadvantages of children learning dance too early

In fact, in the eyes of doctors, many adult acquired spinal injuries are related to improper exercise when they were young. The sooner you learn to dance, the better.

Because dance is, after all, a training of physical ability, entering dance training too early is harmful to the development of children’s muscles and bones.

As a hobby, children’s dance does not require high physical conditions for children. As long as there are no serious physical defects, they can learn.

3. Basic skills of children’s dance

3.1 pressure shoulder

Put your arms straight on the handle. The distance between the legs is slightly equal to the shoulder width. Both the head and spine should be relaxed. When you press down, you can feel that the shoulder ligament is stretched. Accompaniment band: medium speed, slow rhythm 2 / 4

3.2. Lower waist

Open your feet to shoulder width, extend your arms upward, open your five fingers, turn your palms forward. When you lower your waist, tilt your upper body backward, lift your head and look for your heels backward. Your body and hands should be aligned with your heels and rolled inward. After you lower them, your arms and knees should be as straight as possible, and your eyes should be on your heels.

How to cultivate children’s interest in dance

1. Watch more programs

You can take your children to watch some good-looking dance programs, especially those performed by children of the same age. Children’s curiosity is very strong. When they see children of the same age dancing, they will have a certain curiosity about dancing.

At this time, parents say things that add fuel to the flames, such as “children dance really well”, “if only you could dance for your mother” and so on, which will arouse children’s strong self-esteem and strong consciousness, and thus generate the idea of learning to dance.

2. Group consciousness

Let children play with children of the same age who are learning dance. Children have a certain “group consciousness”. When children play together, parents can communicate with children who are learning dance, especially praise them more. When your children hear what you praise other children, their desire to learn dance will gradually sprout.

3. Rational cognition

Children don’t have a rational understanding of dance. They don’t know what dance can bring them. Therefore, dance can exercise their bodies and improve their temperament. However, children are all playful. If they find it fun to dance, they will quarrel with you if they don’t want to learn dance.

How to buy children’s dance clothes

Because children are lively and active, and do not have the awareness of protecting performance clothes, the fabric of children’s clothes should be strong, durable and not easy to damage; At the same time, the comfort of the cloth should also be considered.

Don’t choose chemical fiber fabrics for children. Performance clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics, especially underwear, will generate static electricity due to friction between skin and performance clothes and between performance clothes and performance clothes during human activities. Static electricity has a strong dust collecting effect, which not only damages performance clothes, but also affects health. When the static voltage is high to a certain extent, static sparks will be generated. Generally speaking, the human body will feel electric shock (numbness) when the static voltage of 2KV is applied. Although the current is very small and there is no danger, it will make children uncomfortable and bring a sense of fear.

Children’s clothes should be mainly made of pure cotton. Because the performance clothes are close to the skin, there will be friction between them, and they will be sensitive to children’s skin. In this way, it is particularly required that the fabrics have good moisture absorption and good ventilation. Cotton fabrics just meet such requirements, especially the sportswear worn by children. These requirements should be considered. When some quiet children buy performance clothes, they can recommend some soft and elastic clothes, such as performance clothes made of cotton, silk, wool and other ingredients, which are not only comfortable and natural to wear, but also can greatly show the purity and spirituality of children, and give people a sense of elegance and intelligence.

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