Overworked kidneys enter premature aging

According to relevant surveys, among young people aged 20 to 45, more than 70% think that they have kidney deficiency symptoms, and more than 82% think that their brain power is not as good as before. In actual clinical practice, although these can not be classified as “kidney deficiency”, according to clinical analysis, those who can be classified as kidney deficiency also account for more than 33%.

Social competition is cruel, work pressure is increasing, and confusion brought by modern civilization makes most middle-aged and young people suffer from great physical and mental pressure (pressure food), physical and mental fatigue and energy decline, resulting in insomnia, anorexia, fatigue, irritability, irritability, neurasthenia and other kidney and brain deficiency symptoms.

Life is unrestrained, smoking, drinking, work and rest do not have certain rules, and overwork; Wanton sex and lust; Bad habits, such as excessive masturbation, can directly damage the kidney essence of the human body, leading to premature aging.

Various kinds of pollution brought by modern civilization, such as environmental pollution, air pollution, food pollution, nuclear magnetic radiation, noise, etc., make many toxins accumulate in the human body, threatening health. For example, food pollution, too many hormone like substances and fillers in food, and people take hormones orally after eating, resulting in the human adrenal gland not secreting hormones or secreting less. Over a long period of time, the adrenal gland, an organ, is disused, and even cringes. Therefore, many people have decreased sexual function, premature ejaculation, and short genitalia.

Drug abuse: modern people use drugs as soon as they get sick. Many drugs damage the kidney, such as gentamicin, amikacin, compound sinomin, etc. Secondly, pesticides and fertilizers in food can directly damage the kidney of the human body.

The above factors imperceptibly affect the rise and fall of kidney qi and physical health. If ignored, they will become invisible killers of the body. This is what we usually mean by “hollowed out when we were young”. Therefore, young people should also pay attention to protecting their kidneys and prevent them from happening. It will be too late to treat them when they have kidney diseases.

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