Three kinds of women are most likely to cause toothache

Adolescent female doctor’s advice: early treatment + scientific brushing

Adolescent girls, with incomplete ovarian function development, unstable cycle of gonadal activity, and large fluctuations in estrogen levels in their bodies, often suffer from periodontal diseases such as bad breath, gum bleeding, periodontal pus and so on due to gingival blood vessel congestion and reduced local resistance of teeth. These periodontal diseases not only make the mouth smell and affect the chewing function, but also lead to loose teeth and enlarged gaps, which affect the aesthetics.

Doctors remind that once adolescent women find periodontal abnormalities, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid loose teeth. Generally speaking, with the end of adolescence, periodontitis will reduce or self heal.

At the same time, adolescent women should also pay attention to oral hygiene, master the correct brushing method (combination of vertical brushing and horizontal brushing), brush their teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after meals, and eat less irritating food, too cold and too hot food. If possible, it’s best to go to the hospital to clean teeth every six months to one year to remove dental plaque and tartar.

Female doctors during menstruation and pregnancy: balanced diet + good oral hygiene

“Come on, Qiqi, I’ll treat you to Korean bibimbap!” Chenchen warmly invited her colleague Qi Qi to have lunch with her, but Qi Qi, who has always loved bibimbap, covered her face and bitterly refused her invitation: “go ahead, I have a toothache. I can’t eat anything. I’d better stay in the office!” It turns out that Qiqi’s gums will always swell and ache during her menstrual period every month, which will affect her eating and speaking. But after a few days, her uncomfortable symptoms will ease themselves.

The deputy chief physician of the periodontal mucosa Department of the stomatological hospital said that due to the low immunity of women in menstruation, there are not a few people with oral ulcer, gum bleeding, itching, swelling, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Another reason behind this is that these people usually have mild gingivitis. With the increase of estrogen level in menstruation, the symptoms become more and more serious. At the same time, women with elevated estrogen and progesterone levels and local telangiectasia during pregnancy will also have gingival inflammation in pregnancy.

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