The magic weapon of skin care and whitening: pay attention to the method of washing your face. What should you pay attention to in skin care and whitening

1. Wash your face with pineapple juice. Peel pineapple, cut it into small pieces, put it into the juicer, add a proper amount of water, squeeze the juice, and then wash your face with pineapple juice. It can not only help you moisturize your skin, drive away dryness and roughness, keep smooth, but also prevent skin from growing acne and acne. The skin beauty effect is excellent!

2. Wash your face with lemon slices. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. eating lemon often can supplement vitamin C for the skin and make the skin white and smooth. However, because lemon is too acidic, beauties can try to slice lemon and soak it in facial washing water for a while before cleansing. In this way, the washed face will not only become extra white, but also be extra smooth!

3. Wash your face with carrot juice. Squeeze fresh carrots into juice and use it to clean the face in the morning and evening every day. After cleaning, massage and pat the skin to ensure that the skin becomes tender and white every day. At the same time, washing the face with carrot juice can also help remove spots and fade fine lines to a certain extent.

4. Cherry dressing. For the particularly pale beauties, you can choose to use cherries, peel and seed them, mash them, apply them to your face, and persist in using them, so that the rough and pale skin will gradually become ruddy and more lustrous.

5. Wipe your face with tomato juice. Meimei all know that adding one or two tomatoes to their breakfast every day can make their skin tender and white. However, for Meimei who are not used to eating tomatoes, it is a good choice to choose tomato juice to wipe their faces. Stir the tomatoes into juice, then add an appropriate amount of honey, mix and stir, after washing the face, rub it on the face, hands and neck, so that the rough and dry skin will gradually turn white, and the melanin and freckles on the face will gradually fade!

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