How to protect your knees in square dancing

1. How to protect your knees and control the difficulty coefficient in square dancing

Because square dance has attracted more and more people’s attention, its forms are becoming more and more diverse. Some dances even have many movements of body rotation and lower limb twisting, which will cause excessive tension on the joint capsule and ligament of the knee joint. In addition, because most of the joints of aunts are in the process of degeneration, bone hyperplasia and joint ligament elasticity are reduced, when choosing dance movements with a high degree of difficulty, it is easy to cause ligament and muscle damage, and even serious fractures. We should choose dance movements with small amplitude, difficulty and intensity. The time to dance square dance should be appropriate, generally to avoid fatigue, and it is recommended to control the time of each dance to half an hour.

2. How to protect your knees in square dancing

The vast majority of square dance sports venues are concrete or stone floor, which will produce a large reaction force on the knee and ankle joints, resulting in joint injury. In the absence of wood, how to reduce this impact? It is suggested that the ladies wear a pair of elastic shoes with good cushioning performance when dancing in the square. Cloth shoes, sandals and high heels are very harmful to knee joints, so don’t wear them.

3. How to protect your knees in square dancing? Choose the right movement

Square dance has a lot of leg bending movements, which hurt many people’s waist and legs. Bending is the most vulnerable time of the knee joint, and the angle of left and right rotation of the knee joint is small, so bending and sideways knee joint are most vulnerable to injury. Playing badminton and square dancing have a lot of such movements, while Taijiquan has a lot of squatting positions. Experts suggest that middle-aged and old-age friends who like these sports should stop there, not for too long or too often, and not too standard.

What are the advantages of square dancing

1. The advantages of square dancing — bodybuilding

The practice of square dance is to concentrate on dancing in the beautiful music melody, inject delicate passion into the dance posture, and show your skills with beautiful dance posture, create various beautiful postures and shapes, and achieve the artistic conception of combining sports with art, health and beauty. Square dance practice has high requirements on form, posture, health and so on. Regularly joining rehearsal is a good physical exercise to improve the coordination ability of the human body, Invigorating the muscle groups of all parts of the body and increasing the bone density of bones have a very positive effect on bodybuilding.

2. The benefits of square dancing — heart building

From the perspective of psychology, people’s attention is a hint of psychology. In the process of dancing, their attention must be concentrated on beautiful music, and the beauty and passion will be expressed in the dance posture along the rhythm. Because the transfer of attention can adjust and rest the functions of other parts of the body, joining the activity of rehearsal can eliminate the serious emotional relaxation and competitive pressure, and the trainer can relax in the beautiful music In the wonderful dance, it can eliminate worries and purify the mind, so as to achieve the best psychological condition.

3. Benefits of square dancing – brain building

Memory will gradually fade with the growth of age. In the process of rehearsal, people’s attention will be focused on hearing memory and dance posture memory. Through rehearsal and continuous stimulation of brain nerves, the psychological phenomenon of memory loss can be alleviated to achieve brilliant brain health effects.

What kind of shoes do you wear for square dancing

Many people are not sure what kind of shoes to wear for square dancing. Black cloth shoes (dance shoes) can be worn in summer. When it’s cold in winter, you can wear cotton shoes with flat soles, those with soft soles, or cotton sneakers.

Because wearing high-heeled shoes is easy to break the heel and cause ankle damage, flip flops are easy to lose when dancing, and they will trip up dancers and cause fall damage. Moreover, the ground of the square is hard cement or ceramic tile structure, which is very easy to grind the soles of shoes.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wear old cloth shoes with thick soles or sports shoes with good ventilation. In this way, when you dance, you will feel relaxed and naturally dance beautifully.

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