How to protect your knees when riding a bicycle

how to protect your knees when riding a bicycle 1. Warm up your knees before riding. The warm-up action before riding should also include massaging your knees from inside to outside for 25 circles, and then massaging them in the reverse direction for 25 circles, so as to balance the distribution of joint lubricant and reduce the friction between cartilage.

2. The seat height is moderate, and people and vehicles are uncomfortable, so they are easy to be injured during riding. If the seat is too high, it will cause muscle cramps in the calf or pain in the knee socket; The seat is too low, and it is easy to wear the knee. Especially when climbing a slope and stepping hard, there have been accidents of anterior cruciate ligament exercise.

3. Use the right way to exert power many people used to exert power with their knees at the beginning of cycling, but the result was that they would soon feel knee pain and naturally slow down. The correct way to power should be to use gluteus maximus and quadriceps femoris to power.

4. Knee warmth: there are few blood vessels around the knee. You should pay attention to knee warmth when riding in ordinary times, especially in winter. If the temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius, you should consider using fleece leg covers.

5. The early stage of warm-up riding is equivalent to warm-up. Ride at a speed of 15km / h for 20 minutes to warm up the blood flow around the knee joint. First ride with light teeth and faster tread frequency, gradually increase the gear ratio and increase the tread frequency until you sweat a little, so that your knee joints are not easy to be injured when climbing a slope and stepping on heavy gears.

6. Keep the tread frequency. The tread frequency of daily cycling should be kept at 70-90 rpm. Too low a tread frequency will not make you relaxed, but will make you feel more tired. When climbing the slope, the stepping frequency can be reduced, and the sitting posture should be used as much as possible, and the light gear ratio should be used, which is conducive to the health of the knee joint.

7. Step by step process no matter whether you want to ride faster or farther, it should be based on your good physical fitness. If you suddenly start to speed up but your muscle strength does not keep up, if you ride too far at once and your physical fitness does not keep up, it will bring a huge burden on your knees. On the premise of having a clear understanding of your own level, increase the distance of a single ride every week. The gradual process not only steadily improves your riding level, but also effectively protects your knee joint.

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