The difference between Taekwondo and fighting

1. The difference between Taekwondo and fighting

Fighting actually includes Taekwondo, which belongs to one type of fighting skills. Boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Sanda, and French kickboxing are also among the fighting skills. Therefore, the difference between Taekwondo and fighting is that fighting is a large range, and Taekwondo is only one of the fighting techniques.

2. Methods of practicing taekwondo

2.1. Exercise the waist muscles and drive away the fat in the waist: keep your feet one step away from each other. Keep the toes of your front legs forward and the toes of your rear legs outward at a 90 degree angle. Press the soles of your feet with your weight between your legs.

2.2. Exercise the muscles of the whole body: both legs stand upright, one leg is two shoulder width apart from the rear leg, the toe is forward, the knee is bent nearly 90 degrees, the toe of the rear leg is open about 45 degrees outward, the knee is straight, the chest is straight, and the shoulder is flat. Make fists with both hands, one arm straight in front of your chest, the other arm bent, and the fist on your side.

2.3. Exercise leg and cross muscles: push one foot on the ground, put both hands on the chest, lift the knee with the other leg, straighten the calf, and stretch the whole leg upward and over the head as far as possible. Then relax, take the heel as the starting point, and chop down hard.

2.4. Exercise the strength of arms and legs: put your fingers together and bend your thumbs inward to form a hand knife. The distance between the two feet is one shoulder, the front legs are slightly bent, the toes are forward, the back knees are bent, and the toes are opened outward at a 90 degree angle.

3. Time to learn Taekwondo

3.1. For children, especially those aged 3-4, their bones are not fully developed, and it is more likely to cause bone deformities if they exercise violently. Therefore, it is not recommended to train children in Taekwondo and other martial arts when they are too young. After the age of 8 to 10, the children’s bones are basically mature, which is more suitable for them to learn Taekwondo, so that they can better exercise.

3.2. When practicing taekwondo, we should know the best time. First of all, the best age to learn Taekwondo is 7 years old. Children around 7 years old are the best time to learn Taekwondo because of their flexibility, explosive power and receptivity. Children will learn in this golden time and make rapid progress. Specifically, the best learning age for girls is six or seven years old, and boys are seven or eight years old. Taekwondo contact at this time will help our health, and we need to know something about it to better play the contact effect.

Benefits of learning Taekwondo

1. Exercise. No matter what age difference, people need to exercise, so as to contribute to healthy and beneficial growth. The kicking, stretching and matching arm movements in Taekwondo can exercise children’s muscle strength, and the elasticity of tendons, ligaments and muscles can also be improved, so as to exercise the flexibility and coordination of the body.

2. I know etiquette. In Taekwondo, “etiquette” is a kind of knowledge and learning. Although it is a sports event in the form of competition, Taekwondo has always respected the martial spirit of “starting with etiquette and ending with etiquette”. It stresses learning etiquette before learning art and morality before practicing martial arts.

3. Self defense capability. There will be technical training in Taekwondo. Through continuous practice, we can improve our self-defense ability and increase self-confidence.

4. Release your emotions. Nowadays, people’s life pressure is relatively high, and the pressure in work can’t be released. They can distract themselves by Taekwondo, relieve the pressure in life and work through physical exercises, vent their emotions, adjust their psychological balance, and maintain a good attitude towards life and work.

Taboo of learning Taekwondo

1. The first thing we need to avoid is blindly following and weak will. After Taekwondo came to China, many people regarded it as a fashion and blindly followed others to pursue it. As a result, he was unwilling to work hard in the process of practicing, or he didn’t have time and perseverance, and gave up after a few days of learning. This is contrary to the “patience” and “unyielding” in the spirit of Taekwondo, which will not have the effect of exercise.

2. At the same time, when practicing taekwondo, we should also pay attention to avoiding pride and boasting and not learning etiquette. Because Taekwondo is aimed at “starting with ceremony and ending with ceremony”. After a few days of learning, some teenagers think they have “Kung Fu” and boast in front of their peers and friends. This violates the most important “etiquette” and “self denial” spirit in the spirit of Taekwondo, which is not good for us to practice Taekwondo.

3. When doing Taekwondo exercises, we should also pay attention to the exercise methods that we should avoid are those that do not have plans and want to take shortcuts. In fact, no one can ascend to the sky in one step, and there is no shortcut to practicing taekwondo. You must reach your stage goal step by step. Therefore, the essence of practicing taekwondo is self-discipline, and finally finding the “Tao” of life. This is what we need to pay attention to.

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