The difference between fighting and fighting

1. The difference between fighting and fighting

What we call fighting is also called fighting. There are too many fighting skills in the world. The following is a simple distinction. At present, the mainstream fighting skills include boxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai, Sanda, sumo wrestling, free combat, and comprehensive fighting. Taekwondo and sumo wrestling, which have distinctive characteristics, can be distinguished at a glance, so I won’t repeat them.

2. How to practice the explosive power of fighting

2.1 knee push ups

It can exercise pectoral muscles and triceps. The posture is that the distance between the hands is slightly wider than the shoulders, the knees are bent, and the back is kept straight when doing push ups.

2.2 push ups

The distance between your hands is slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your back straight when you stand up. When your chest is about to touch the ground, support your body and do your movements in place.

2.3 double arm flexion and extension of support chair

This is another way to bend and stretch your arms on the parallel bars. Back to the chair, grasp the sides of the chair with both hands behind you, extend your feet forward, support your body with both arms to sink, and when you are about to sit on the ground, support your body with all your strength to restore your arms to the straight state.

2.4. Cross arms sit ups

I can exercise my abdominal muscles. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your arms crossed in front of your chest, get up in a huddle or take a half sitting posture, and then restore it. If the strength is not enough, there can be some changes, such as doing it on a reclining board; Put a heavy object on your chest.

2.5. Prone leg lifting

It can increase back strength and endurance. Lie face down on the floor, let your partner press your upper body, bend your legs and lift them up, do it 5-10 times. Avoid overextension in this movement. If the strength is not enough, you can tie a heavy object to your feet.

3. Taboos for beginners of fighting

3.1. Do not relax:

Freestyle fighting is a competitive sport, which requires high physical strength. In order to maintain a good competitive state from beginning to end, we should learn to relax, and we should relax from the preparatory position. Only when we relax, can we move flexibly and quickly.

When you punch in a relaxed state, you can give full play to the strength of muscle contraction and produce strong, elastic and rapid explosive force. If you punch in a state of muscle tension, your speed will slow down, you can’t produce strong explosive force, and the other party will easily find your attack route.

3.2. Attack but not defend:

Some practitioners do not pay attention to the training of defensive techniques, and they can only learn skills but not defend. This is very wrong. What are the taboos of free combat for beginners. Because in the confrontation, the other party is a living person. He will fight back, see your weakness, and lure you to consume energy.

3.3. Sluggish footwork:

On the court, we can see that two athletes rush to the front glue together as soon as the bell rings. It is difficult to play. If you lose two times and get hurt, or if you are physically superior, you will win. This kind of fighting to the end is not desirable. We should advocate strategy and tactics. We should move whenever we want, and tactics will change.

Characteristics of fighting

1. Interesting

Fight fitness is different from the boring single way of traditional fitness. It combines boxing, Muay Thai, Sanda, Brazilian jujitsu, wrestling and other technical movements, coupled with dynamic music, which enriches the fitness items and greatly improves the interest of fitness. It is not only the favorite of male friends, but also the new hobby of many female sexual friends.

2. High comprehensiveness

Different from the traditional way of differentiating physical exercise, fight fitness can mobilize the muscles of various parts of the body to the maximum extent while carrying out a project. Straight fist, hook fist, swing fist, knee lift, head protection, low sweep, high sweep, ground entanglement and so on all need to be coordinated and exerted wholeheartedly.

3. Strong practicability

Traditional fitness can only improve physical fitness and shape physical beauty to a certain extent, but fight fitness is aggressive and defensive from the beginning of zero foundation. Practitioners can not only strengthen their physique in this process, but also have skills in attack and defense to protect themselves and others.

The advantages of women practicing fighting

1. Helps shape

Boxing is a very suitable sport for women to shape. Practicing boxing has a good effect on losing weight and improving one’s physical ability and strength; Boxing steps are flexible and changeable. Most girls who practice boxing have thin legs, long legs and high hips.

2. Fitness and disease prevention

Many people in modern cities are “commuters.” after a period of exercise, problems such as back pain and neck pain caused by sitting for a long time have disappeared; Fighting is a whole body sport, which pays great attention to the coordination of various parts of the body. In addition, through the practice of some auxiliary equipment, such as hitting a pear shaped ball or a speed ball, people can react more quickly. Also, in the process of hitting, people must pay high attention and keep their eyes on the fast moving hitting object. Therefore, after practice, in addition to improving their concentration, their eyes will also become extraordinarily energetic.

3. Adjust psychological balance

Although yoga is popular nowadays, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone. For some people, peaceful reflection can also be a kind of spiritual torture. Some medical experts and sports psychologists have pointed out that some people practice yoga, which can not bring peace of mind, but will become more depressed and may lead to a crisis of personal awareness of existence. For these people, what they need is often intense physical exercises, such as boxing.

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