Combing your hair in this way can reduce grey hair

White hair will not be pulled more and more

Rumor: many young people have more or less white hair because of various physical factors. For elegance, many people choose to pull out these white hair. But some people also suggest not to pull out white hair, because white hair will be pulled out more and more.

pull out the white hair by roots

Truth: long white hair is mainly related to the pigment cells of hair. Uprooting the white hair will only leave the hair follicle empty for a while. After a period of recovery, the hair may grow out. The newly grown hair is not necessarily white, and the number of hair follicles on the scalp is relatively fixed. Pulling out the hair does not have much impact on the surrounding hair follicles, so the white hair will not be pulled out more and more.

hair pigment cells begin to decline

Most people begin to lose their hair pigment cells at the age of 35. Some people begin to grow white hair in their twenties. Medically, they are called juvenile white hair, commonly known as “less white head”.

slow blood flow

Many white haired people have microcirculation disorders, mainly manifested as slow blood flow. Combing and massage can improve local blood circulation and nourish pores, so as to prevent hair from turning white. It is recommended to use a round and blunt comb on the head at ordinary times to reduce injury while massaging the scalp. Usually, after getting up in the morning and before going to bed, you can draw small circles on your scalp with your index finger and middle finger. If a large amount of white hair suddenly appears, you should go to the dermatology department in time.

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