Five quick freckle Removal Tips five quick freckle Removal Tips

Beauties have many spots on their faces, which not only affect their mood, but also gradually lose their self-confidence. Then, after the skin grows spots, how to make the spots disappear quickly? Beauties can try the following tips, and the effect is not bad!

Quick freckle removing trick 1: Tea freckle removing and whitening

The tea we drink at ordinary times actually has a very good effect of lightening and beautifying the skin. We can smear the tea on our face, then gently pat the skin, or soak the facial mask paper in the tea, take it out after a period of time, apply it directly to the face skin, apply it for 20 minutes, and then clean it with water, which can whiten and lighten the spots. Girls, let’s try!

Quick freckle removing trick 2: wash your face with white vinegar to lighten and whiten freckles

White vinegar can effectively moisturize the skin, fade fine lines and spots. If you want to quickly remove spots from your face, you may as well try white vinegar facial wash. Beauties add a little white vinegar to their daily facial wash, and then wash their faces. If you persist for a period of time, the spots on the skin will be significantly reduced. This method needs to be adhered to. It can not lighten spots after washing once.

Quick freckle removing trick 3: pearl powder + olive oil to lighten and whiten freckles

Pearl powder has a very good whitening effect, and the whitening effect on the skin is very obvious. Olive oil can effectively moisturize the skin and make the skin delicate and smooth. When the two are mixed together, a very good facial mask for rapid spot lightening and whitening is formed. Beauties can prepare an appropriate amount of pearl powder and olive oil, mix them with each other, stir them into a muddy shape, apply them to the facial skin, and gently massage them. After 20 minutes, clean them with water. Adhere to this facial mask every night before going to bed, which can effectively fade spots and whiten skin. However, it should be noted that the choice of pearl powder must be pure white real pearl powder. Many fake pearl powder on the market are yellow in color, which can not play a certain role in whitening and skin care.

Quick freckle removing trick 4: Almond + vitamin E whitening

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which has a very good effect on skin lightening, and vitamin E capsules are also a good choice for beauties to care for their skin. You may as well try to mix the two together, which can effectively lighten and whiten spots, and make skin moist and elastic!

Beauties can grind almonds into powder, then fully mix them with an appropriate amount of vitamin E capsule stock solution, stir them into mud, apply them to facial skin, and clean them with water after 20 minutes. Apply it twice a week, and after a month, you will see the obvious effect of reducing spots and whitening skin.

Quick spot removing trick 5: loofah juice and lemon juice whitening spots

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively help skin lighten and whiten spots. Beauties can mix an appropriate amount of lemon juice and loofah juice, and then use it to wipe skin, which can quickly lighten spots, reduce spots and regain whiteness.

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