Quick whitening one week brightening maintenance plan quick whitening one week brightening maintenance plan

Day1: remove dirt, sebum and old waste cells from the bottom of the skin!

Method: the skin surface feels rough and not smooth and tender, usually because of the accumulation of dirt, sebum and old waste horniness in the pores. Therefore, in addition to the daily plot, it is necessary to do a deep-seated essence maintenance for the skin regularly to make the skin smooth and tender. This is also the first step into the ranks of beauty.

Day2: actively regulate, calm and soothe, so as to keep skin healthy!

Methods: after the metabolism of the stratum corneum, the skin needs to be soothed and conditioned to start the regeneration mechanism of skin cells, get rid of the crisis of skin aging and damage, and restore the skin to its original muscle age. Reach the state of tender skin.

Day3: moisturizing products that make skin tender are absolutely necessary in summer!

Method: what dry summer skin needs is enough water retention. If it is only given water, the water will be evaporated immediately. Therefore, if you want to have more complete moisturization, you need to strengthen the water locking capacity of skin cells themselves, so as to repair damaged cells and improve the water storage capacity of skin.

Day4: slack

Method: if you feel that your face is a little puffy, you may as well intensively massage your face with massage cream or night cream. With simple finger massage, you can eliminate toxins in your body, eliminate puffiness, and promote metabolism. In a short time, you will find that your face becomes small and tight.

Day5: if you want to have pure and white skin, you should start by fading spots and dullness!

Methods: the whitening products are more and more effect oriented. The highly concentrated ingredients and formulas are integrated into the whitening products to make the skin more transparent and white day by day during the application process. In addition, daily work and rest also need to be adjusted together to make whitening more efficient.

Day6: delay aging, smooth skin lines and let you recover youthful radiance!

Methods: it is found that the generation of fine lines is the beginning of aging. Relative to anti-aging of skin, it is necessary to repair both inside and outside, strengthen moisturizing and sunscreen, and prevent the damage of external environment to skin. When the skin texture is not obvious, quickly apply a moisturizing cream to the skin, which can activate the fibroblasts of the dermis and change the internal aging phenomenon

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