Five freckle removing recipes return your fair skin five freckle removing recipes return your fair skin

After a woman reaches a certain age, her skin will have some problems, such as acne, spots, and long spots on her face will affect her beauty. What should she eat to remove spots? Here are five recipes for freckle removal.

Kiwi smoothie

Materials: 2 kiwifruit, proper amount of honey and 200g ice cubes.

Methods: 1. Wash kiwifruit, peel, dice, pour honey and mix well.

2. Put the ice cubes into the blender, beat them into smoothies, pile them into a transparent glass bowl, and pour the mixed Kiwi diced.

Carrot and celery porridge

Materials: 50g rice, 20g carrot and celery leaves.

Seasoning: proper amount of salt.

Methods: 1. Wash the rice, soak it in water for about 20 minutes, wash the celery leaves and chop them.

2. Put the pot on the fire, add rice and water to boil, and change to low heat to cook porridge.

3. Peel carrots, wash them, dice them, put them into the porridge and cook them together. When they are cooked and soft, add salt to taste them, turn off the fire and put them out. Then add the washed and chopped celery leaves.

Cooking tips: carrot shreds are easy to cook, soft and tasty, and the shape cut with a knife is more durable and beautiful.

Fried eggplant with tomato

Materials: 2 long eggplants and 1 tomato.

Condiments: shredded spring onion, shredded ginger, garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, sugar, vegetable oil.

How to do it: 1. Wash eggplant, cut into hob pieces, wash tomato, remove its stalk and cut into pieces.

2. Heat the oil pan, fry the eggplant until golden yellow, remove and drain the oil.

3. Heat the oil at the bottom of the pot, add shredded spring onion, shredded ginger and garlic, stir fry the eggplant and tomato, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, soy sauce and cooking wine in turn, add a little sugar, and add an appropriate amount of water to cook the tomatoes.

Coriander cucumber soup

Ingredients: 250g cucumber and 25g coriander.

Condiments: shredded ginger, salt, pepper, chicken powder and sesame oil.

Methods: 1. Wash cucumber, slice, wash coriander and cut into sections.

2. Add proper amount of water, chicken powder and shredded ginger to boil, add cucumber slices to boil, add salt and pepper, sprinkle coriander segments, and drizzle sesame oil.

Cooking tips: when shopping for coriander, do not eat the Yellow coriander, because the Yellow coriander has no aroma, and nitrite will accumulate, which may produce toxins.

Strawberry pomelo milk

Ingredients: peeled grapefruit, 100g yogurt and 50g strawberries.

Methods: 1. Peel the grapefruit and cut it into small pieces. Peel the strawberries and wash them.

2. Put grapefruit pieces and strawberries into a juicer, add yogurt, stir into juice, and pour into a cup.

Cooking tips: 1. High quality strawberries are big and full, and the color is ruddy.

2. Yogurt should not be heated for drinking. After the yogurt is heated, the active lactic acid bacteria in it will be destroyed, which not only makes the yogurt lose its unique flavor, but also its nutritional value.

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