How to eat 6 kinds of whitening fruits to produce tender and fair skin? Eat a few whitening fruits to have tender and fair skin

All girls want to have white, tender and tender skin, but not everyone can have it. Do you want to have white and tender skin without makeup? In fact, fruit can help you. It is delicious and simple, and it can permanently whiten. Skin care experts recommend fast whitening fruit all over the body, so that young, fair and good skin can be eaten.

Care and whitening fruit: Grapefruit

Grapefruit can actually whiten, but many people don’t know that grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamin C. It can also be said that grapefruit is actually a treasure house of vitamin C, which can not only remove greasiness but also nourish the face and beauty. Because grapefruit skin contains essential oil, it is also good to take a bath after boiling into soup, which can whiten the whole body. Taking grapefruit tea for three months can achieve the effect of changing skin quality. Skin care products are temporary, The effect of grapefruit can last you a lifetime, because it will completely cut off the production of melanin.

Care and whitening fruit: Strawberry

Strawberries not only have whitening effect, but also can help whiten teeth, because they are rich in vitamin A and contain a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, which can enhance skin elasticity, whiten and moisturize. Strawberries are more suitable for oily skin, because they have the effect of removing oil and cleaning skin. Although they are suitable for all skin types, they will be more effective for oily skin.

Care and whitening fruit: Pineapple

Pineapple is a good intestinal nurse. It not only has the effect of removing greasiness, but also can clean the intestinal tract and whiten the skin color. In other words, eating pineapple can not only clean the intestinal tract, whiten and regulate the skin color, but also has a strong role in breaking down greasiness and reducing weight, so that your body can really achieve the effect of internal and external adjustment.

Care whitening fruit: Lemon

When it comes to whitening fruits, lemon should of course be the first. Lemon is the best beauty product in fruits. It is rich in vitamin C and calcium, which can be taken internally or externally. It can help you to whiten quickly. Keeping a glass of lemonade every day can make your skin white and tender again. Its main beauty effects are whitening and cleansing, removing color spots, tightening, moisturizing, eliminating fatigue and anti-aging.

Care and whitening fruit: Cherry

The rich vitamin C in cherry can moisturize and beautify the skin and effectively resist the formation of melanin. Fresh cherry contains sugar, protein β Carotene, iron and other rich nutrients. The iron content of cherries is 20 times that of apples and 30 times that of pears. Iron is an important component of heme in the blood. With sufficient blood, the skin is naturally white and red! and β Both carotene and vitamin C are necessary for whitening skin. Eating more cherries can make skin really delicate and elastic! In addition, cherry is a fruit containing more iron and carotene. It is very nutritious. It can replenish blood and kidney for people with deficiency of Qi and blood. Eating 200-300g before meals can regulate gastrointestinal function, which is good for people with poor digestive function.

Care and whitening fruit: Tomato

Tomatoes are nutritious and low in calories. Many models eat tomatoes to keep fit. Its rich acidic juice can help you balance the pH of your skin. For people with dark and rough skin, you can apply tomato juice to your face after tamping, and wash it with clean water after staying for about 15 minutes, which is very helpful to remove dead skin on your face. Tomatoes are also vegetables rich in vitamin C. mix a little honey in tomato juice and rub it on your face. After more than 10 minutes, clean it. You can remove freckles and beautify yourself every day.

In addition to fruits, daily diet can also affect the whitening effect. Let’s take a look at what foods can affect the whitening effect.

1. Photosensitive vegetable

Photosensitive foods are easy to darken the skin, because they are rich in copper, iron, zinc and other metal elements, which can directly or indirectly increase the amount and activity of tyramine, tyrosinase, dopamine quinone and other substances related to melanin production. Eating more of these foods will make the skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and turn black or grow spots, so it is necessary to take an appropriate amount of them.

Sweet potato, potato, spinach, leek, celery, coriander, white radish, beans, etc. these vegetables make it easier for people who love spots to grow color spots. Generally speaking, most vegetables with volatile spicy smell and special smell belong to photosensitive vegetables.

2. Dark food

Dark food is also the food you should pay attention to. Milk, eggs, tofu, fish and other light colored foods can easily discharge melanin and reduce the burden on the viscera. At the same time, we should also eat less dark food and drink less beverages, such as strong tea, cola, coffee and chocolate.

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