Naked sleeping reduces the risk of infection and helps to lose weight

Although pajamas are very popular nowadays, experts still suggest sleeping naked. Experts believe that sleeping naked helps maintain a lower body temperature, which is beneficial to sleep quality. Because the lower the ambient temperature in sleep, the easier it is for people to fall asleep, and the better the quality of sleep. While some people have cold feet when they sleep, experts also suggest not to wear socks to keep warm, but to warm their feet with warm water bags. In addition, it is also good for the elderly to sleep naked.

At the same time, sleeping naked also helps burn more calories. According to expert research, when there is excess fat in the body, white fat will be stored, and brown fat will help to decompose white fat, but it can only be realized when the body needs energy. Many physiological activities contribute to the role of brown fat, including sleeping naked.

The researchers also mentioned that sleeping naked helps prevent fungal infections, because such fungi like warm and narrow spaces very much, and a variety of pajamas and socks just provide such an environment.

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