Four self-made acne removing facial mask can completely remove acne marks? Four self-made acne removing facial mask completely remove acne marks

Ugly pimples always appear on the face for various reasons. What’s more, when these pimples disappear, they will leave large and small scars, which greatly reduces the beauty of the skin. Today, Xiao Qi brought some effective ways to remove acne marks. He made his own facial mask to sweep away scars.

Homemade melon root powder acne removing facial mask

Material: 10g native melon root powder, proper amount of honey

Preparation method: pour the native melon root powder into the bowl, add appropriate amount of honey, and stir evenly. Apply it on your face and wash with clean water after about 30 minutes.

Efficacy: native melon root has the effect of heat dissipation and detoxification, can comprehensively help the face expel toxins, and has a good effect on removing black spots, acne and residual acne marks on the face.

Honey double kernel acne removing facial mask

Materials: wax gourd kernel, peach kernel

Preparation method: dry the wax gourd kernel and peach kernel, grind them into fine powder, add an appropriate amount of honey to mix them into a sticky paste, apply them on the acne marks every night before going to bed, wash them the next morning, and apply them for three weeks. The marks will gradually fade.

Efficacy: wax gourd kernel contains fatty oleic acid, guaramic acid and other components, which has the effect of light printing.

Mung bean milk acne removing facial mask

Materials: mung bean powder, milk, facial mask and paper

Production method: mix mung bean powder and milk, then apply it on your face, wet the facial mask paper and apply it on your face, and then apply it. After 15 minutes, take off the facial mask and wash your face.

Efficacy: mung bean has the function of removing skin toxins. Using mung bean facial mask with milk can eliminate acne and fade acne scars

Homemade carrot acne removing facial mask

Materials: 500g fresh carrots and 5g flour

Preparation method: take fresh carrots, wash them and mash them; Add the mashed carrot and its juice into the flour and mash it; Apply carrot puree to your face every other day for 10 minutes.

Efficacy: this facial mask has the efficacy of removing acne, removing spots, curing acne and resisting facial wrinkles.

Tips for homemade acne removing facial mask:

1. Clean your face before applying facial mask to help absorb nutrients.

2. Avoid the area around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and should be avoided when applying facial mask.

3. Apply the facial mask for about 15 minutes.

4. After applying the facial mask, apply some moisturizing skin care products.

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