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There are many beautiful MM with facial features. Because of the spots on their faces, they lose their original luster. It is a pity that they become blind and at a loss when they see the appearance of spots on their faces. Don’t worry, here are four most economical self-made whitening and freckle removing facial mask, which can easily sweep away small shadows on your face.

Angelica dahurica chrysanthemum facial mask

Materials: salt, Angelica dahurica, chrysanthemum powder, white vinegar

How to do it: put 6G chrysanthemum eye mask into powder form and 12g Angelica dahurica into the facial mask bowl, add 2G edible salt, 6G white vinegar and a small amount of purified water, and stir evenly to form a paste. After cleansing in the evening, apply it on the face and wash it off in about 20 minutes.

Efficacy: effectively fade the color spots of the facial mask and remove the pigment production in the skin. The combination of Chinese medicine and food can not only remove the spots and whiten, but also activate blood circulation and inhibit bacteria, so that the skin can show a good complexion of white and red.

Apricot egg facial mask

Materials: almond, egg white

How to do it: take an appropriate amount of almonds, grind them into fine powder, put them into the facial mask bowl, and then add some chicken egg white to blend, and stir them together to form a paste. Apply this facial mask to your face before going to bed every night and wash it with warm water for about 20-30 minutes.

Efficacy: this facial mask has a good effect on removing chloasma and senile spots.

Milk wheat facial mask

Ingredients: plain yogurt, oatmeal

How to do it: remove an appropriate amount of original yogurt and put it into the facial mask bowl, then add a small spoonful of oatmeal, mix and stir the two materials together, apply it on your face after cleansing, wait for about 20 minutes, and wash it with warm water.

Efficacy: yogurt can decompose waste keratinocytes and inhibit spots formed by pigments. Oatmeal contains vitamin E, which can whiten the skin. The combination of the two will maximize the whitening and freckle removing effect, which is suitable for people with oily skin.

Winter melon facial mask

Materials: wax gourd pulp, wheat flour

How to do it: put the fresh wax gourd pulp into the pot, boil it in a slow fire for about 1 hour, remove the residue and leave the juice, then add an appropriate amount of wheat flour to the juice to blend it into a paste, smear it on your face after cooling, and clean it in 15-20 minutes, once a day.

Efficacy: this facial mask has the effect of removing black spots on the skin and making the skin white and pure.

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