There are clever ways to remove freckles: use white vinegar skillfully to tender the skin and remove freckles; there are clever ways to remove freckles: use white vinegar skillfully to tender the skin and remove freckles

Some women are prone to freckles, and natural freckles are even more difficult to eradicate. Today Xiaobian introduces a common item for freckling removal. White vinegar is used to flavor in life, but you must not know that washing your face with white vinegar can make your skin delicate and white, and can eliminate some light spots on your face. Here are more ways to remove spots with white vinegar, which are easy to use and economical.

1、 Wash your face with white vinegar: remove acne and whiten

White vinegar diluted with water can be used to wash your face. White vinegar itself has the functions of bacteriostasis, whitening and softening horniness. Washing your face with white vinegar every day can make your face white, tender and tender, and inhibit the growth of acne.

Usage: add a bottle of white vinegar to warm water and mix well. After cleansing, wash your face with white vinegar water, tap it gently, and finally wash it with cold water to shrink pores.

2、 White vinegar brine: whitening and freckling

This method is actually an upgraded version of white vinegar mixed with water to wash your face. The operation is also very simple. White vinegar, salt and water are mixed together. The ratio of white vinegar, salt and water is about 9:3:1. After mixing, put a clean towel in it to soak it, then dry it and wipe your face. It is very effective for whitening, freckling and delicate skin in the morning and evening.

3、 White vinegar wax gourd juice: lighten and remove spots

First, clean the wax gourd, peel it, and then squeeze the juice. The wax gourd juice and white vinegar are mixed in a ratio of 1:1, and then soaked with cotton wool to wet the skin. After wet packing, wipe and gently massage the skin to promote absorption.

This method can be carried out once a day in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Long term persistence will help us to lighten and remove freckles, and obvious effects can be seen in about half a month.

4、 White vinegar regulating Atractylodes macrocephala: removing spots

Mix an appropriate amount of Atractylodes macrocephala with white vinegar (the proportion can be tried by yourself, but it is not very strict. Atractylodes macrocephala can be bought in pharmacies), seal and soak for a week. After washing your face every day, wipe the long spots on your face with the prepared white vinegar. After a period of time, the freckles will gradually fade out. The specific situation will vary from person to person.

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