The most practical white vinegar freckle removal 5 recipes the most practical white vinegar freckle removal 5 methods

The most practical 5 recipes for removing spots with white vinegar

White vinegar Facial Wash

The first type of white vinegar freckle removal is of course the simplest, most convenient and cheapest white vinegar facial washing method! As long as you wash your face every morning and evening, first put a small basin of water, then pour a small amount (about two tablespoons) of white vinegar into it, mix it well, throw it on your face and tap it gently, or simply immerse your face in vinegar water for a few minutes. Then pour out the water and start the normal facial washing procedure. Persist in washing your face with water with white vinegar every day, which can whiten your skin, fade spots, reduce wrinkles, and soften your skin. That’s it!

White vinegar + salt + Water Facial Scrub

This is the upgraded version of the white vinegar facial washing method, which is also quite simple. Mix white vinegar, salt and water together. The ratio of white vinegar, salt and water is about 9:3:1. After mixing, put a clean towel in it to soak it, and then rub it on your face, morning and evening. It has the same effect on whitening, freckling and delicate skin.

White vinegar + wax gourd juice facial dressing

The third style of white vinegar freckle removal is about to add some ingredients. Did you buy fresh winter melon at home and prepare to fry it? Wash, peel and cut into pieces. Leave a few pieces to apply to your face before you put them into the pot! Mash the wax gourd and take the juice, then add one or two tablespoons of white vinegar, mix it well, and apply it to your face. It can be washed off in about 10 minutes. Apply white vinegar and wax gourd juice to your face 2-3 times a day, and use it for half a month to help remove spots! In addition, eating winter melon often can also help lose weight.

White vinegar + Atractylodes Facial Scrub

The fourth type of white vinegar freckle removal is, of course, the folk formula for whitening and freckle removal: vinegar soaked Atractylodes macrocephala. Atractylodes macrocephala can be bought in pharmacies. It is washed and cut into blocks or slices, then soaked in white vinegar or rice vinegar (Atractylodes macrocephala: vinegar = 1:10), sealed and soaked for a week (it is also said that it is soaked for 2-3 days). After washing your face every day, wipe the long spots on your face with Atractylodes macrocephala soaked in vinegar, and then wash with clean water. Continuous use has the effect of lightening and eliminating color spots, which is especially effective for freckles.

Rice vinegar + soy food therapy

Other small prescriptions for freckle removal: there is also a folk prescription about vinegar, which also has miraculous effects on whitening and freckle removal. Although it is not white vinegar, it can remove freckles. Let’s receive it together in the great search for white vinegar freckle removal.

100g soybeans and 300g rice vinegar

How to do it: wash the soybeans, put them in a glass bottle (soybeans should not exceed 1 / 3 of the bottle), pour rice vinegar three times as much as soybeans, completely soak the soybeans, seal and soak them for 7 days, and then you can eat them. If you insist on eating 10-20 vinegar soybeans every day, you can whiten and remove spots. If you insist on eating them for 100 days, all kinds of spots can be almost eliminated, and your skin will become whiter and whiter!

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