5 ways to get rid of mobile phones

Since the mobile phone has the title of “smart”, it has become people’s “personal secretary”, meeting our various requirements for Internet, shopping, entertainment, social networking, life services and so on. When people become more and more dependent on mobile phones, the negative effects it brings will also follow – absence of health, estrangement of family ties, leakage of privacy… Precisely for this reason, in recent years, researchers in different fields in many countries around the world have launched a condemnation of the “crime of mobile phones” and called on people to put down their mobile phones. Recently, an article in the Huffington Post of the United States found more sufficient reasons for these appeals.

look at your mobile phone every 7 seconds on average

“The furthest distance in the world is that you are playing with your mobile phone while I am by your side.” This ridicule of netizens is the true portrayal of the “mobile phone family”. Citing the monitoring statistics of 150000 mobile phone users by the screen unlocking app (Locket), the daily mail of the UK said that ordinary users check their mobile phones about 110 times a day on average. According to estimates, this is equivalent to watching them every 6 seconds or 7 seconds during peak hours; According to the data released by the international mobile Internet Industry Summit Forum in 2013, Chinese people spend an average of 158 minutes on their mobile phones every day, far exceeding the global average of 117 minutes; After conducting a survey of more than 8000 respondents in 11 countries, Synovate, one of the world’s top ten market research companies, found that 3 / 4 of the people would take their mobile phones with them, 1 / 4 thought that their mobile phones were more important than their wallets, 2 / 3 of the respondents would not turn off their phones when they slept, and more than 1 / 3 said that they “could not live without their mobile phones”.

According to the 6 billion mobile phone users in the world, at least 2 billion people are “tied” to their mobile phones every day. During the interview, the reporter found that most people have the following mobile phone dependent behaviors: the first thing they wake up in the morning is to look at their mobile phones; Whether there is a phone call or a text message, you must read it every few minutes; Use your mobile phone to pass the boring time; While eating, he plays with his mobile phone, and even has to take it with him when he goes to the toilet.. Mr. Sun, who works in it, told the reporter that he worries every day that his mobile phone will run out of power at the critical moment. If his mobile phone is not around, he will be anxious, flustered and uncomfortable all over. Ms. Si, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, told the reporter that the focus of her quarrel with her husband was the mobile phone. “Whether he was with me or playing with his children, he always held the mobile phone in his hand. It seems that the family is not as important as the mobile phone!”

6 benefits of staying away from mobile phones

Wang Bing, chief researcher of the Asian Institute of positive psychology, told the reporter that from the perspective of psychology, the essence of dependence on mobile phones is dependence on information, and the sense of security can be improved by looking at mobile phones. Zhu Zhuohong, an associate researcher at the Institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also pointed out that most mobile phone addicts have formed a habitual behavior, and taking out their mobile phones is a subconscious behavior. Some people need to answer the phone at any time due to work constraints, otherwise they are in danger of being “marginalized” in the workplace. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, if you are bound by your mobile phone, you may as well find several reasons to put it down.

1. Let yourself have a good sleep. Looking at your mobile phone before going to bed will disturb your normal routine. A new survey by the Journal of mass media cultural psychology found that people who frequently watch mobile phones and send text messages during the day have poorer sleep quality.

2. Have a good body. Mobile phones are a “time bomb for health”. In addition to being harmful to the lumbar spine and vision, Australian cancer and neurosurgery expert kurana has found that mobile phones are related to serious health conditions such as brain tumors. Although this conclusion has not been fully confirmed, the research confirms the harm of mobile phones to health.

3. Keep away from pain. When people play with mobile phones, they ignore the feeling of physical fatigue. In fact, bowing their heads for a long time will lead to spinal compression, neck, head and shoulder pain. A survey by a well-known health care provider in the UK found that 84% of young people aged 18-24 had suffered neck and back pain due to playing mobile phones in the past year.

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