Staying up late playing with mobile phones can cause stroke, and playing with mobile phones can cause 7 diseases

There are countless news about mobile phone accidents:

On the morning of July 18, 2016, Mr. Lin was unable to move his hands and feet when he got up in the morning because he stayed up late to play with his mobile phone. The final diagnosis was stroke.

In June 2015, Dong Mou, a 27 year old young mother, died of sudden cardiac death due to playing on her mobile phone all night. At the time of death, her eyes were still firmly fixed on the mobile phone screen.

In April 2015, 29 year old Miss Liu was lying on the sofa playing with her mobile phone. When she woke up at 2 a.m., her right shoulder was severely painful and she could not move. She was later diagnosed as pseudoparalysis of the shoulder.

In March 2016, 20-year-old Xiao Liang was diagnosed with brain atrophy, which is common among the elderly. It is because he plays his mobile phone for five or six hours every night and does not sleep until two or three o’clock in the morning.

Nowadays, the functions of smart phones are so powerful that they can not only chat and watch TV, but also watch the news and live broadcast at any time. These temptations are so great that there are more and more “mobile phone parties”. The main crowd is the office workers who work from 9 to 5. In addition to their boring work every day, playing mobile phones and watching the news are their favorite leisure activities. But if you often stay up late to play mobile phones, the harm is really great.

(staying up late playing with mobile phones can cause stroke, and playing with mobile phones can cause 7 Diseases)

the harm of staying up late to play with mobile phones 1. Xerophthalmia

Under normal circumstances, we blink 16-20 times per minute, but when we look at our mobile phone, we blink only 6-8 times per minute. The electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet ray, radiation, dazzling color and infrared ray of the mobile phone screen will also stimulate the eyes. Its strong flicker will cause excessive consumption of rhodopsin, the photosensitive substance on the retina of the eyes, which will cause dryness, fatigue, double vision and blurred vision. In serious cases, it will lead to keratinization of the corneal and conjunctival epithelial cells one after another, and the secretory cells of the lacrimal gland will also be damaged. The eyes are dry and afraid of light and dare not open. If the disease develops quickly, it can cause corneal perforation and blindness within a few weeks.

hazards of staying up late to play with mobile phones 2. It is easy to cause vision deviation

Long term lying in bed playing with mobile phones will cause vision deviation of left and right eyes in one month; Lying sideways on the left and right places the greatest pressure on the left and right eyes. Such a month will cause vision deviation of the left and right eyes. The pressure of the pillow on the eyes will cause insufficient blood supply. As time goes on, the eyes will have a sense of expansion, and short-term images will overlap. This can not be solved by dropping eye drops! This is why some people wear glasses with different degrees.

hazards of staying up late to play with mobile phones 3. It is easy to cause blurred vision

Staring at the mobile phone for a long time in a dark room, the light emitted by the mobile phone will fatigue the eye muscles, affect the focusing ability, and lead to blurred vision. Initially, it may only be temporary visual fatigue, but in the long run, it will become permanent and eventually lead to myopia. It may even cause astigmatism!

hazards of staying up late to play with mobile phones 4. Damage to skin

Playing mobile phones late at night is extremely harmful to skin. Night is the time when the body’s resistance and immunity are weakest. If you don’t get a normal rest, it will be harmful to skin health. Coupled with the high technology content of mobile phones, when people use mobile phones, they are very close to their faces, which will have a great impact on their skin and are prone to acne. In addition, mobile phones are a very unsanitary thing, and the surface is full of bacteria. When you play mobile phones at night, you will inevitably encounter places such as the face, neck and ears, which may lead to acne and blain. Some beautiful women have skin allergies inexplicably just after using their mobile phones for a short time. I checked and found that it was nickel and other metals on the mobile phone that caused the trouble.

the harm of staying up late to play with mobile phones 5. Affect the biological clock

Using mobile phones, tablets or other electronic products that emit light for more than an hour in bed will reduce the total amount of melatonin produced by people by about 22%. Once people’s melatonin is inhibited to this extent, then people’s physiological cycle will also be affected, and the direct impact is to keep people in light sleep all the time, greatly reducing people’s sleep time. Some people are even in a state of excitement after playing mobile phones for more than an hour, and have to continue to play. Make the next day’s mood worse, easy to be anxious and depressed.

the harm of staying up late to play with mobile phones 6. Cervical spine reverse arch

We normal people all have physiological curvature of the cervical spine. If there is no physiological curvature, it may even bend in the opposite direction, which is called “reverse bow”. “Cervical vertebra reverse arch” is the most common pathological basis of cervical spondylosis. High pillow can make the head bend forward, increase the stress of lower cervical vertebra, and accelerate the degeneration of cervical vertebra. While lying on a high back to watch TV, surfing the Internet for a long time, lying down to play with mobile phones and other bad habits will pull the cervical spine for a long time, which will also lead to its curve protrusion decreasing, straightening and even reverse bowing.

the harm of staying up late to play mobile phone 7. Affect intelligence

The radiation of mobile phones is relatively large, including screen radiation and body signal receiving radiation. The blood in human body needs to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges, and the radiation of the screen will have a slight impact on this balance, although it is not big, it is still harmful. For a long time, it will cause the body’s immunity to decline, fatigue, nausea and other adverse reactions. Facing the mobile phone for a long time will also affect your eyesight. It is recommended to play less mobile phones when sleeping at night. In addition, the signal receiving radiation of mobile phones will affect the human brain nervous system, which will reduce intelligence over time.

Therefore, for our health, we should change the habit of staying up late to play with mobile phones. It is best to put the mobile phone at a distance or turn it off before going to bed at night, which can also help us sleep peacefully.

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