The king of cost performance of facial mask – homemade egg whitening facial mask? Facial mask: the king of cost performance — egg whitening facial mask made by yourself

Today, I want to introduce a cost-effective and practical whitening method – homemade egg whitening facial mask. Don’t underestimate a small egg, it can not only supplement the nutrition in the body, but also have a good effect on the maintenance of the skin. Match different materials to make changeable whitening facial mask. Now let’s learn how to make our own whitening facial mask. A small egg is rich in nutrients. In addition to the essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, the fat in egg yolk is also rich in lecithin and cholesterol. In addition, the minerals in eggs mainly include iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and so on. In addition, vitamin A, B2 and other elements in eggs also have a certain effect on skin maintenance. After understanding the advantages of so many eggs, let Xiaobian introduce how to make egg whitening facial mask. Material of self-made honey protein facial mask: one egg white, one teaspoon of honey practice: put one egg white in the facial mask bowl, and then add one teaspoon of honey into the bowl, stir evenly, and let the two mix together fully. Apply it evenly on your face with a facial mask brush every day after cleaning your face before going to bed, and wash it with clean water after drying. It can be combined with gentle massage to promote blood circulation. This facial mask can be used twice a week to moisturize and whiten the skin. Homemade egg yolk milk facial mask material: one egg yolk, proper amount of milk and proper amount of flour. Method: put eggs and milk in the facial mask bowl, stir them evenly with a spoon, then add proper amount of flour to mix the three into a paste.

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