Tips for making a cost-effective freckle removing facial mask: Tips for making a cost-effective freckle removing facial mask yourself

Freckles on the face have always been the trouble of many beauty loving women. However, many freckle removing products on the market are also diverse. Whether they can achieve good results or not, they have also spent unjustified money. Let’s see if there are ways to save money?

Apple or potato freckle removal method:

Ingredients: fresh apple or potato

Method: peel, cut or mash the apple or potato, then apply it to the face, and wash it with a hot towel 15-20 minutes later. Once every other day, a course of treatment is 20 days, which can make the skin smooth, moist, white and greasy, and eliminate the symptoms of skin acne, freckles, black spots and so on.

Amitabha’s freckle removing method:

Raw material: some of Buddha

Method: Buddha Mitha studied it very carefully and wiped it on your face every night. The MITRA colored yellow belt has a metallic luster and has the effects of reducing swelling, killing insects, astringent and antiseptic. Modern studies believe that it can inhibit skin fungi, and some inflammatory black spots can be tried. According to Tang Materia Medica, monk Mitra’s treatment of “black spots on the face is medicinal”.

Tomato spot removing method:

Ingredients: half tomato and a little honey.

Method: first beat the tomato into tomato juice, then add some honey and stir until paste. Evenly apply it on your face or hands and wash it off in about 15 minutes.

Lemon freckle removing method:

Raw materials: About 30g lemon, about 15g sugar and some borax

Methods: grind lemon, add 15 grams of borax powder and white granulated sugar, mix well, put it into a bottle and seal it, use it after 3 days, use it in the morning and evening every day, rinse an appropriate amount of warm water once at the spot for about 3 minutes, and the freckles can fade after a period of time. After use, it can make the skin ruddy and tender.

Fresh milk freckle removing method:

Ingredients: a small cup of fresh milk

Method: steam your face first, fill the cotton pad with fresh milk, apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, take it off, and wash the milk on your face with clean water. Long term persistence can make the skin white and even.

Although the price of these methods may be relatively cheap, these methods are only a reference and are not applicable to all people, but as long as we are diligent, we will succeed in freckle removal.

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