What items are expired and must be thrown away

tableware: change it every 5-7 months. Many bacteria and detergents will remain in the tableware that has been used for a long time, which greatly increases the chance of getting sick. The doctor suggested that in addition to daily disinfection, it should be replaced at least once every six months.

bra: the average life span of a bra is about 6 months. However, for women with full breasts, it is best to replace bra every 3-4 months, otherwise the fabric of bra will become inelastic and cannot support and protect breasts well. After exercise, the sports bra should be dried and reused next time. After wearing it for three times, it must be cleaned. Machine washing and roller drying also lead to faster aging of Lycra fabric used to make bra. Therefore, gently rubbing and washing with hands is the best way to clean bra.

bath ball: change it every three months. The bath ball will stick with dead skin and breed bacteria if it is used for a long time. It is recommended to clean thoroughly every 1-2 weeks and change a new bath ball every quarter.

toothbrush: change it every 3-4 months. After use, the toothbrush should be washed and dried vertically. Once the bristles are worn, they should be replaced at any time. The total working time of each toothbrush should not exceed 6 hours. Calculated by brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, the service life of the toothbrush is about 3 months. It is better to replace it in time within 3 months, otherwise it will be covered with bacteria.

sports shoes: 8-12 months. I have to change a pair of sports shoes every 1000 kilometers. According to the amount of exercise, the service life of a pair of sports shoes is 8-12 months. Once the service life is exceeded, the protection and shock absorption effect of shoes on feet and trunk will be greatly reduced. To protect your knees and back, you should change your sneakers regularly every year.

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