What kind of quilt is suitable for winter?

First of all, when you sleep under a thick quilt, you will feel oppressed and can’t relax your whole body, so you can’t sleep well; Secondly, there are few windows in winter, and the indoor oxygen content is relatively small. The thick cotton quilt is pressed on the chest, which will cause slight hypoxia; Thick quilts are dusty, and inhalation into the respiratory tract will cause certain damage to the respiratory mucosa, especially for people with lung disease, which is more likely to cause disease recurrence; Thick quilt is not breathable. Although it is warm at night, it will also open pores and make it easier to get up the next day.

In winter, it’s best to cover it with a wool quilt or a down quilt. The wool quilt is moisture-absorbing and breathable, has high insulation and good elasticity, and is not easy to generate static electricity. It is very suitable for people who are afraid of cold, weak and sweaty to cover in winter. The duvet is light, soft and soft, with good hygroscopicity and perspiration permeability, and will not feel oppressive. It is suitable for all kinds of people, especially patients with hypertension and heart disease, people with poor blood circulation, the elderly, children and pregnant women. It is best to choose a goose down quilt with a velvet content of more than 50%. If it is not warm enough to cover a goose down quilt alone, you can add a thin blanket on it.

In addition, the air circulation is poor in winter, so don’t cover your mouth and nose with a quilt when you sleep at night, so as to avoid poor breathing; Tuck in around your body to avoid air leakage; Don’t expose your shoulders and limbs to avoid catching cold. It is not recommended to sleep naked in winter, but the pajamas should not be too thick, otherwise the comfort will be affected. It is recommended to choose loose and fat pajamas, which are conducive to muscle relaxation and blood circulation. The fabrics are mainly natural fabrics, such as cotton and knitted fabrics with good ventilation and moisture absorption.

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