Eight fatal dangers of washing machines

1. Wash with water to the end

When some people wash clothes, in order to save water, they usually wash their underwear first, then their outerwear, then their socks and other sundries, and wash them in a basin of water until they are dirty and black. Although this ensures the cleanliness of some clothes, the final washed clothes are very polluted. In particular, mixed washing of socks and women’s underwear is more harmful and will cause female genital diseases.

2. Do not clean the washing machine for a long time

Some people’s washing machines never wash, and they always wash as long as they can run. The inner wall of the drain is full of cloth scraps and dirt, which breed many viruses and bacteria. During the washing process, these dirt and bacteria will be stained on the clothes.

3. Excessive use of detergent

Many people think that the clothes are too dirty, or that the detergent is cheap, and they often use detergent excessively. However, the rinsing time is not enough, and detergent is often left on the clothes. Most detergents are alkyl benzene compounds, which are irritating to the skin and affect the liver function.

4. Wash all clothes together

For convenience, some people put all the changed clothes into the washing machine for washing together. During the stirring and friction of the washing machine, the bacteria, colors and fallen fibers on the clothes will inevitably contaminate each other. It’s more complicated to take the clothes to the dry cleaner’s, including those of healthy people, patients, and maybe infectious disease patients.

safety hazards

1. Danger of electric shock: do not pull the wire and pull out the power plug; Do not insert / unplug the plug with wet hands

2. Explosion hazard: washing clothes containing solvents is prone to explosion hazard; If there is no special down jacket washing program, it is easy to explode when washing down jackets with a washing machine.

3. Scald risk: when washing at high temperature, the door glass of the washing and drying machine will be very hot, which is easy to cause scald risk; When the machine discharges hot water, be careful of scalding;

4. Danger of injury: if the machine is still rotating, do not touch the inner cylinder. The inner cylinder running at high speed can easily hurt your hand.

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